The Best All-Season Tires that Keeps Everyone Safe on the Roads

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tires

When my daughters return to school for the new school year, I have a huge to-do list to go through to start the year successfully from school supplies, clothes, electronic devices, glasses, and, most importantly, taking my car in for needed auto maintenance.

Keeping us safe on the road is my top priority and getting the needed repairs ensures my car is running strong as long as possible.

I get my usual done, oil change, check and fill my fluids, hoses check, emissions test, and have my tires inspected.

During this year's car inspection, my auto service advisor told me that it's time for a new set of tires. And with me on the road much more driving around my daughters to school and their extracurricular activities, I need tires that perform well handling any road conditions. 

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tires

To offer parents like me peace of mind when they hit the road with a car full of children, Michelin launched the CrossClimate 2 (their most advanced and versatile passenger tire in 20+ years) to help families navigate safely, especially during these unprecedented times. 

With the CrossClimate 2 on the family vehicle, parents feel safer and drive with more confidence on tires that perform in all conditions – wet, dry, and snow.   

Did you know that 70 percent of parents prefer to drive their kids to school due to the pandemic than have them take the bus?

With my girls back in school in-person, I noticed fewer kids on school buses and parents opting to pick up their kids themselves. So, I bet parents are doing car maintenance more than usual, knowing they will be driving more on busier roads.

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tires

The auto repair shop installed the new Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires on my car, and whoa, what a difference! It's like these all-season tires hug the road smoothly with less wear.  

When it comes to tires, I usually install the no-name brands, but Michelin has proven to me why they are the top leading tire brand that should be the first choice every time.

The Michelin CrossClimate2 has a distinct V-formation tread pattern. This tread pattern works together with the tire’s proprietary rubber compound to redefine the “all-season” category and bring drivers a tire that excels in more climate conditions than any competing product.

Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires

Wet performance When Michelin engineers began developing the CrossClimate2, they knew they needed a tire that “grips to the last stop.” All tires start to wear after their first drive. But not all tires offer superior stopping power as they wear. The CrossClimate2 does. In wet conditions, even when worn, the CrossClimate2 stopped shorter than leading competitive tires - up to 50 feet shorter when stopping from 50 mph. 

Longer lasting Road testing shows the CrossClimate2 wears better than leading competitors. Not by a little bit, by a lot -- up to 15,000 extra miles. That’s up to an additional year of use. 

Dry grip Stopping power matters in wet or dry conditions. The CrossClimate2 stops up to 16 feet shorter (more than one full car length) on dry pavement than four leading competitive tires. 

Snow performance – Drivers in snowy climates can have confidence in the “3-peak mountain snowflake rating” given to the CrossClimate2. This severe snow capability delivers up to 31% better snow traction when worn than four leading all-season worn competitive tires. 

Noise Michelin used PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning to design a tread with blocks and angles that cancel out “harmonic” road noise and create ideal amplitude for the contact patch, creating a quieter ride.

The CrossClimate2 will be available in 56 sizes, fitting 76% of the best-selling passenger cars and crossovers in the marketplace today. Currently, 25 sizes are available. In early 2021, an additional 31 sizes will be available.

Your car can have all the latest safety features, but not having the right tires stumps all of that. Tires protect you and your passengers as well, so choosing Michelin's CrossClimate2 will keep everyone in the car safe, not to mention giving your vehicle a sharp appearance.

Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Michelin, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you gotten your tires checked yet?

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