Is FlexJobs Legitimate? Get Help Finding Work from Home Jobs

Is FlexJobs Legitimate? Get Help Finding Work from Home Jobs

FlexJobs is a remote job search platform that could help you land your next full or part-time remote job.

All of the jobs that are posted on FlexJobs have been vetted by their experts, and they even provide educational resources that can help you land a job.

However, before signing up for the platform, keep in mind that these are primarily ‘remote jobs’ and not ‘freelance’ opportunities.

I’ve created this guide to help you determine if FlexJobs is the resource for finding your perfect work at home job opportunity.

Tips For Getting Started With FlexJobs

The main thing to keep in mind before signing up for a FlexJobs membership is to remember that the majority of the jobs on their website are ‘remote jobs.’ This means you’ll have a set work schedule as if you were working outside of the home - you won’t have the flexibility that comes along with freelancing.

If you’re looking to find an employee/W2 job from home, FlexJobs is where you want to be. Think of them as ‘Indeed’ without the scams and time-wasters.

Here’s my best getting started tips:

1. Have a niche-specific resume: Employers prefer employees who are skilled in their niche. You can have multiple skills and multiple areas that you work in when working remotely. However, your resume must be niche specific if you want to have your resume stand out from the thousands of other remote employees who could be applying. 

2. Create a personalized cover letter: While it may be tempting to create niche-specific cover letters, since you know there’s going to be a lot of competition, it’s also important to make sure each cover letter you send has your personal touch. Incorporate keywords and essential phrases that the employer references in their FlexJobs job ad. 

3. Check for new jobs daily: Get into the habit of checking and applying for new jobs daily to speed up your hiring process. I personally recommend applying every morning since that is when many employers tend to go through job applications.

Now that we’ve covered how to get started with FlexJobs, I want to go over the pros and cons:


  • Easily customize your job search to find remote jobs that are a good fit for you.
  • New job alerts delivered to your inbox based on preferences that you set.
  • FlexJobs vets all jobs before they’re listed to limit the number of scams and time-wasters on the platforms.
  • Higher quality jobs than found on free remote job boards.
  • Easy to use dashboard.
  • Helpful articles for job seekers.


  • Jobs aren’t exclusively listed on the FlexJobs platforms.
  • You have to pay to gain access to the platform.

How to Find The Perfect Work From Home Jobs With FlexJobs

1. Be willing to start the job as soon as possible: Most jobs listed on the platform are looking for employees to begin within a week. Therefore, before applying for the job, make sure you go over all of the requirements and the expected start date. 

2. Be available for a phone or video interview: Since many employers are looking for urgent help, it’s important to make sure your schedule is clear for either a phone or video interview. In some cases, when you apply, you’ll need to do a video pre-interview to submit your application. 

3. Have references available that respond quickly: Unlike with freelancing, remote jobs are going to check your references. When applying, if asked for references, only include those you know will respond within 24 hours or less.

FlexJobs is a Legitimate Resource For Those Looking For Work From Home Jobs

If you’re trying to find a work from home job, FlexJobs is a legitimate resource. Thousands of people land jobs through their platform each month, and the assortment of remote positions that they list makes the price of paying for the platform a worthy investment.

Have you ever landed a work from home job via FlexJobs?

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