My JustFab Denim Dress and Platform Wedge Sandals Look for Spring

My JustFab Denim Dress and Platform Wedge Sandals Look for Spring

With spring in full bloom, it's time for me to put away my winter clothes and donate the clothes I haven't worn for several months.  Also, it's time to bring out my cute spring outfits too!

While looking at my current wardrobe, I notice that many of my spring outfits seem so bland and outdated.

Last year, I went on no-buying new clothes for myself to save money since my clothes buying budget was going more towards my daughters.

With my girls' teens now, what they wear is starting to become vital to them, so I'm spending much more time purchasing new outfits for my girls who want to stay up to date with the latest teen trends.

Since all my clothing budget went to them, last year, I shopped in my own closet.

This year, I wanted to give myself a new look.  Lately, my attire has been nothing more than homebody comfy garments and gym wear, and my look has become very dull and aging me.

So, to treat myself, I went on the JustFab website to check out their latest spring boutique of stylish dresses and shoes.

Did you know that JustFab is more than just a fashionable shoe website? 

They also have on-trend clothes of dresses, tops, pants, rompers, skirts, jackets, plus more!

And those that aren't fashion-savvy, JustFab gives Outfit Inspiration to provide you with look examples for different occasions from going to brunch with your girlfriends, resort chic wear, suited up looks for work, nightlife attire, etc.

While browsing around the JustFab website, I wanted to find a classic look that never goes out of style, so I can wear it for years to come.  Including pairing it with sandals that I can wear with several different styles of outfits.

During the spring months, I mainly wear dresses, so that's what I was looking for, a classic spring dress.

What caught my eye was a belted fitted denim dress, a dress that can be used for everyday wear, or worn for a fun night out.  Since I'm curvy and heavy on the bust, I got an extra-large size just to be safe.  I wasn't for sure if this denim dress has stretch to it, or if it is stiff like wearing jean jackets.

Next, I searched for a pair of sandals and came across Britt Platform Heeled Sandal, a playful brown snakeskin wedge that I could get a lot of use with.  I can wear these wedge, platform sandals with dresses, shorts, and ankle jeans.

Once I placed my order, my spring outfit set arrived within a week.

I opened my package and first looked at my Denim Button Front Dress, and first thought, I don't think I'm going to fit this!  Good thing JustFab has easy free return shipping.

But, if the dress doesn't fit, I could comfortably wear it as a long jean jacket for those chilly nights, or give it to my daughters to wear once they get a bit older.  Remember, denim dresses are classic styles and can be worn every single year.  Already, I have several different pairs of jean dresses in my closet.

I tried on my denim dress, and unfortunately, it did not fit, more suited for slender women. The material is tight, with little to no strength at all. So, as I mentioned, I'll wear it as a jean overcoat, and later pass it down to my daughters.

My JustFab Denim Dress and Platform Wedge Sandals Look for Spring

My JustFab Denim Dress and Platform Wedge Sandals Look for Spring

As for the platform wedge sandals, they fit me perfectly!  They are very lightweight and easy to walk in, I can see myself wearing these often.

Check out how I paired my look.  I threw on a white fitted shirt and yellow shorts with my denim dress (now coat) and sandals.  How do you like my look?

My JustFab Denim Dress and Platform Wedge Sandals Look for Spring

My JustFab Denim Dress and Platform Wedge Sandals Look for Spring

My JustFab Denim Dress and Platform Wedge Sandals Look for Spring

Next time, I'll shop for loosely fitted dresses and see how that goes.  And I would like to mention that JustFab does sell plus-size outfits.  When it comes to button-ups, I'll have to shop in the plus-size section of the site.

JustFab Offers Affordable Outfit Styles and Shoes

JustFab has affordable styles starting at $39.99, plus huge discounts when you become a VIP member, which I highly recommend if you currently want to update your wardrobe.  Plus, first time VIP members get their first pair of shoes for only $10!  Incredible deal!

Make sure to check out my other posts about the shoes I purchased from JustFab, and stay tuned for more JustFab looks.

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  1. Girl, you are werking this look sis! I love how you styled the dress with shorts and a tank. Button up dresses don't work for my body type so this look would work for me.

    1. Thanks Sis! My body shape doesn't work with a lot of button ups either. Button ups have that ugly gap that makes my bra show.

  2. Looks great Lou! Anything denim is my friend. The dress (coat) is super cute.

    1. Thanks Janet! I love wearing denim, so versatile!

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    The sandals realy look great on you

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