Video: The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

It has been a pleasure cruising around in the All-New Redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited during our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC! This popular family SUV will have you ready to take a family vacation in it.

Already, I have seen 2020 Highlanders in my daughters' car rider lane at school. So, expect to see more of this 2020 SUV on the road this year.

When I first saw the commercial of this 8-passenger crossover SUV during the Superbowl, I knew I had to review it! Especially after seeing it in person at the Atlanta International Auto Show. It's a showstopper! The exterior look is more beefed up and contoured since its last redesign back in 2017.

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

First, you'll notice the styling is quite different, with a more pronounced sculpted line on the sides that gives the 2020 Toyota Highlander an enhanced look, similar to its luxury brand, Lexus. Also, the shape of the taillights is identical to the Lexus SUV as well. Which makes you want to get a Highlander over a Lexus since the price is lower.

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

The grille of the 2020 Toyota Highlander is quite different too, which is larger in size giving the SUV a more masculine, sporty appearance.

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

The huge focal point of the SUV is in the inside interior, and that is the navigation screen, it's massive! The 8' touch screen, offers 3 split screens to view different things at the same time, for instance, you can see the map, radio, and climate control all at the same time!

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

When I was at the park with Mr. M evaluating the vehicle after it was dropped off to me, he mentioned that the navigation screen is so enormous that he wishes he could watch TV on it. Of course, while the car is in park.

He is on to something there. While I'm sitting in the car waiting for the girls to get out of school, I could stream TV shows and movies inside the Highlander on that 8' screen. Maybe that's a feature that Toyota will have later on down the road. If it's legal to do so, but I don't think it is.

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

There are so many things I loved about 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited, let me share them with you:

1. Display Icons- As I mentioned, my girls and I took a road trip to Myrtle Beach in the 2020 Toyota  Highlander. And what I appreciated was that on the navigation screen, when GPS was on, the Highlander would tell me how many miles to the next gas station, hotel, rest stops, bank, etc. Without Mr. M with us, it helped me feel safe knowing where places are, instead of driving around trying to find them on my own in towns I do not know.

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

2. Staying Connected- There are plenty of charging outlets throughout the vehicle. And, during road trips, the kids can hop on the Highlander's WiFi so they can stay connected on the Internet. Chevy is not the only one with this WiFi feature!

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

3. Third-Row Seating- This SUV is perfect for large families, seating 8 passengers. I will say that the seating in the 3rd row is more for kids because there is not enough legroom for adults. Also, it's easy to fold down the second row to let passengers enter and exit 3rd-row seats.

4. Storage- Plenty of storage and compartments throughout the whole vehicle. Easy to tow your belongings inside.
The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

5. Hands-Free Liftgate- Kick out your leg underneath the back end of the car, you can pop open the liftgate. There is also a button on the liftgate door, and button on the wireless key remote to open liftgate as well. This feature was great when I had to put all our luggage in the back.

6. Traffic Alert- When I had GPS on during our trip to and from Myrtle Beach, the Highlander would let me know when there are traffic congestion and road construction ahead before I arrive at them.

7. Bird's Eye View Camera- The Highlander can scan, giving you the perimeter view all around the car by the touch of a button. I used this feature quite often when I would park in parking stalls.

8. Wireless Cellphone Charger- There was no need for me to bring my car charger because the 2020 Highlander had a wireless charging deck inside the middle armrest storage in the front seat.

9. Heated and Cooling Seats- Right now, the weather is cold in the mornings and warmer during the day, so Michelle rode shotgun with me so she could curl up in her seat and use both heated and cooling feature. She told me she can lay in her chair all day with them on if she could.

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

10. Smooth Drive- The drive is so smooth, it's like it is quietly gliding while driving. I didn't feel any road bumps or imperfection on the road.

I could go on and on about how excellent the 2020 Toyota Highland Limited is! I'm telling you, once you drive one, you'll be wanting to hand over your cash to buy one immediately!

The starting MSRP for the Limited model is $43,650. And for the loaded model I had, the price is $48,088.

The Best Family SUV: 2020 Toyota Highlander Limited

And I can't forget about the fuel economy! The rating is a 5 out of 10; however, I thought the 2020 Toyota Highlander was excellent on gas. The drive from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach was a 6-hour drive, and I only had to stop for gas once I first entered Myrtle Beach. (23 MPG, and 20 City/ 27 Highway)

Make sure to visit your local Toyota dealer and test drive one of the 2020 Toyota Highlanders. I bet you'll instantly fall in love!

Great job, Toyota!

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  1. The best ride ever! I had to get used to all the great features. After driving my 4runner for 22 years... this one feels like luxury.

    1. Yes! This car feels like luxury for sure!

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