Get a Firey Look Inspired by Disney Frozen 2

Get a Firey Look Inspired by Disney Frozen 2

Hey, all you Disney Frozen fans!  To celebrate Frozen 2 coming out on DVD/Blue-Ray on February 25th (Now on Digital), I did a fun activity creating a makeup look inspired by the four elements from the film, water, fire, earth, and wind.  The element that was provided for me was fire.

Get a Firey Look Inspired by Disney Frozen 2

Check out the kit I received to create this firey look.

Anna Collection ColourPop Set (Disney Frozen 2)

Anna Collection ColourPop Set

Anna Press Powder Eyeshadow Palette- Eyeshadow set came with warm, bold tones, perfect for an everyday look, and going dramatic for an evening look.  The colors are vibrant, not needing a primer to make the colors intense.  Each color has a name inspired by the movie like Arendelle, Fearless, Adventure, with Adventure being my favorite color from the palette.

Waterfall Glitter Gel- For added drama, this yellow glitter gel pot will have your eyes shimmering.

Going North Lux Lipstick- Lipstick is creamy and rich, which lasts all day and doesn't leave lips feeling dried out.  It's a neutral tone that works well when you use bold colors for your eyes.  It can be worn for an everyday look.

Free Spirit Ultra Glossy Lip- This lipgloss will have your lips shining with a neutral tone and works great adding it on top of lipsticks for a more glossy look.

Karima Beauty Vamp Glitter

Karima Beauty

Vamp Glitter- This glitter pot is filled with loose, chunky, sparkly red glitter that can be used in multiple ways. You definitely turn up the heat with this blood-red mix.

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Glitter Brillants- This ultra-reflective burgundy-red loose glitter can be used on face and body that will truly make your makeup shine bright.

NYX Vivid Brights- Do you want to make your eyes smoking hot?  Vivid Fire eyeliner will have your eyes looking sultry.

NYX Color Lip Liner- This Red Tape lip liner slides and glides on with an extreme red color that is waterproof.

MODA Mythical Brush Set

MODA Mythical

6pc MODA Brush Set- This brush kit has every brush you need to create a legendary look. Bristles are sturdy, soft, working excellently wet or dry. The set also comes with a storage pouch to keep your brushes in when on-the-go.

Here are extra stuff I received for my celebration of Disney Frozen 2

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Mirroe with 3D Lights

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Mirror with 3D Lights

This Frozen 2 Elsa battery-operated LED Infinity Mirror brings a dash of whimsy and a comforting glow to any room. Each light is made of quality molded plastic finish with a screen-print mirror front. Playful accents, the lamps are perfectly sized for a nightstand or dresser.

Frozen 2 Elsa Fearless Sequin Pouch

Frozen 2 Elsa Fearless Sequin Pouch

With this pouch, you can swipe your hand over and see the color change to reveal a picture of Elsa and her horse. This stylish pouch can be used to store cosmetic and school supplies.

Disney Frozen 2 Movie

All you beauty fans out there, make sure to get this electrifying makeup kit to get inspired looks from Frozen 2.  And, make sure to get your copy of the movie as well.

Before you go, make sure to check out other family movies and shows.

Disclosure: Post is sponsored by Walt Disney Studios, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Post contains Amazon affiliate links.

What is your favorite element, water, fire, earth, or wind?

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  1. Beautiful! You did a really good job creating this look. Love the kit too!

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