Video: Dollywood's Wildwood Grove is Now Open!

Dollywood's Wildwood Grove is Now Open!

Did you hear the news?  Wildwood Grove is now open at Dollywood!  It is such an exciting time at Dollywood to bring Dolly Parton's dreams to life!  Miss Dolly Parton herself opened the fascinating new land to visitors ready to enjoy its 11 thrilling new experiences.

Dolly envisioned Wildwood Grove of the dreams she had as a child, dreaming about venturing off in the woods with a family of bears or how fun it would be hitching rides with butterflies and dragonflies.

Dolly Parton at Dollywood's Wildwood Grove

Dolly created Wildwood Grove to be an experience for all ages to encourage families to explore, play, and imagine together.

Wildwood Grove at Dollywood

At $37 million, Wildwood Grove is Dollywood theme park's most substantial capital investment ever and is the first new area added to Dollywood since Wilderness Pass in 2008. It is the biggest adventure in Dollywood's history!

Dolly Parton at Wildwood Grove in Dollywood

After stepping into Wildwood Grove, imagination takes flight, delivering explorers on a journey of discovery in this breathtaking area. Remarkable sights await visitors throughout the land.

Dollywood's Wildwood Grove is Now Open!

Such a fantastic job they did with this latest addition to Dollywood.  The rides are mild, meaning that I could get on myself since I'm not into fast rides.  However, there is one ride that is more for thrill seekers which is the Dragonflier that my girls loved!

Dollywood's Wildwood Grove is Now Open!

Here is what's new at Wildwood Grove

The Wildwood Tree comes to life each evening during a unique nighttime experience which begins June 15. Each season of the year features a spectacular new experience for guests. The Wildwood Tree features nearly 650 lighted butterflies (orange, blue, yellow, pink and multi-colored) and almost 9000 leaves.

Wildwood Tree at Wildwood Grove inside of Dollywood

Dragonflier— This thrilling suspended roller coaster lets guests soar with a dragonfly as it dips and darts along with the gushing geysers and lush landscape of Wildwood Grove. (Vekoma 453m suspended coaster) (1486 ft. in length)

Black Bear Trail— Riders hop on the back of these friendly bears for a spirited trek through their natural habitat. (Metallbau Emmeln Pony Trek)

Great Tree Swing— Guests aboard this thrilling "leaf boat" swing back and forth just like a leaf falling from a giant sycamore tree. (Zamperla Galleon)

Treetop Tower— This family tower gives guests a sky-high view of Wildwood Grove as they soar nearly 40 feet in the air. Riders, seated inside giant acorns, spin around the top of a tall oak tree before gently drifting back to the grove floor. (Zamperla Samba Tower)

The Mad Mockingbird— Tennessee's state bird—the mockingbird—gives visitors a lift as it flies in a high-speed circle around a tall tree. Riders control their ride experience by moving a sail as the birds rush above the ground. (Larson Flying Scooter)

Frogs & Fireflies— Adventurous guests can hop aboard one of these friendly frogs as they chase each other in a spirited race around the lily pad. (Zamperla Jump Around)

Hidden Hollow- This 4,000 sq. Ft., climate-controlled area allows families to explore and play in an indoor environment.

Wildwood Creek features pop jets, splashing pools, and more wet play activities, while the dry play area at Wildwood Creek features "music instruments" for guests to enjoy.

Three new costume characters call Wildwood Grove home. Flit and Flutter serve as Wildwood Grove's ambassadors, and Benjamin Bear loves to make new friends. Characters will have scheduled opportunities to meet guests each day.

Also, coming soon to Wildwood Grove is their new Mexican restaurant with delicious Spanish cuisines!  We got a chance to preview some of their dishes, and it was quite tasty, had us craving for more!

Dollywood's Wildwood Grove is Now Open!

The girls told me that Wildwood Grove was well worth missing school for, and I have to agree!  They can't wait to share the news with their friends about this new land opening!

Dollywood's Wildwood Grove is Now Open!

We stayed at Dollywood from opening to closing, 9am-7pm for the first time and crammed in as many things as we could.  We made sure to do everything at Wildwood Grove, and also visit other stuff at the park as well.

Dollywood's Wildwood Grove is Now Open!

Our day was full, creating new memories we will cherish forever!  What an excellent way to celebrate Mother's Day with a girls trip to Dollywood!

Dolly Parton set a good example showing everyone to never give up on your dreams because someday those dreams can be made into reality.  Keep reaching for the stars!

Make sure to visit Dollywood to see the new land, Wildwood Grove!

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