Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience

Woosha!  My goodness, Atlanta Comic Con wore me all the way out y'all!  I haven't done so much walking around in a long time; I probably burned hundreds of calories the two days we were there.

As I mentioned, it's Camp Mommy going on around here, keeping these girls entertained this summer, so I been on the hunt to find exciting things to do locally in Metro Atlanta.

About a month back, on my personal Facebook page, I was seeing a sponsored post about Atlanta Comic Con coming July 13th-15th, 2018.  I clicked the ad to see who was going to be there, anyone worth enduring Atlanta traffic.

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

I noticed several voice actors were going to be at the convention, and the one that caught my eye was Rodger Bumpass, the voice of Squidward on Spongebob.

The girls love Spongebob!  They watch that show religiously!  And I, too, loved Spongebob back in the days, and even today.  That show still has me cracking up at its antics when I come across it while the girls are watching.  Mr. M listen in on Spongebob and start commenting about how the show is not appropriate with all the hidden adult themes.  He's right about that, but Spongebob is so catchy, sometimes it's hard to change the channel.  At times, you need a good laugh, even if the plot of the show is stupid.

I told Lauren and Michelle that the voice of Squidward was coming to Comic Con in Atlanta, would they like to go?  Of course, that was an offer they couldn't refuse.

What I like about Comic Con was the fact that children ages 12 and under were free all 3 days of the convention.  That helped save me money, unlike MomoCon which was expensive since I paid at the very last minute, and had to pay for both of my girls.

Since Comic Con would be our first experience, we didn't know what to expect.  Well, sure, there would be vendors selling comic books, people walking around in superhero costume, and the voice actors I seen on the Facebook sponsored ad.  But, we didn't know what other happenings would be going on at the convention.

When we there Friday, opening day, we were on a mission, a mission to see Squidward!

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

First, we walked around the exhibitor hall to see what vendors were selling, then headed for Rodger Bumpass booth to be the first in line to see him.

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

We patiently waited in line, discussing amongst each other if we wanted to do photo-ops with Rodger, get an autograph, or both.  We voted on the latter, both!

The black curtain swung, and out came Rodger!  Lauren started totally fangirling, smiling from ear to ear, getting her cell phone out to snap photos of him!  Michelle was like, "This man is old!"  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚  Well, Rodger has been voicing Spongebob since I was their age, so of course, he is up there in age.

Rodger got his booth set up with all his merch, then called us out of line to come and meet him.

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

Meeting Rodger was a bit of a MEH for me.  Maybe he was channeling his character Squidward, an octopus that doesn't want to be bothered and has no personality. 

We got our autographs and took a selfie with him.  And before we left the booth, he spoke in his Squidward voice saying goodbye.  Umm, okay? ๐Ÿ˜‘

Next to Rodger's booth was Carlos Alazraqui, the voice of Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, and the voice of a bunch of other cartoons.  Also, Carlos played one of the cops on Reno 911.

We got in line for Carlos's booth, waiting for his arrival.  He was running late, and the girls and I were getting impatient.

A few booths down to our left, we heard familiar music playing.  It was Mario Brothers theme songs blasting through prominent portable speakers.  We looked over, and it was the legendary Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, Luigi, and other Mario characters.  It was like his booth was a big party!

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

Quickly, we jumped out of Carlos's line and hurried to Charles's to meet him.  Charles is such an animated character, channeling Mario, pumping up the crowd, literally.  We only took selfies with him because goodness, Charles wanted too much for pictures, autographs, and videos.  But Mario games is what I grew up playing, and the girls play the games now, so buying a selfie with Charles was a must!

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

After meeting Charles, we went back to Carlo's booth and still he wasn't there.  WTH? ๐Ÿ˜’ Well, maybe he was stuck in that awful Atlanta traffic.  However, someone in line saved our spot, and Carlos came 5 minutes after our return.

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

I'm happy that we got to meet him, he's a humble, friendly guy that held a conversation with us.  He genuinely seems like he loved all of his fans.

We didn't meet any more celebrities, because honestly, they would wipe me all the way out!  I wanted to save my cash for merchandise, and food.

For the majority of Friday, we did panels and played video games.  Even during our return on Saturday, we did more panels and video games.

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

To compare both MomoCon and Comic Con, I enjoyed MomoCon more since it catered more to families and is more anime/video game themed.  Comic Con had some adult theme panels that should have been labeled as such.  Walking into a panel then F-bombs and other derogatory words flying around had me clenching my pearls. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ  Although my daughters are almost teenagers, I know they heard all these bad words before, but still, I want to keep them innocent as long as possible.

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via

Atlanta Comic Con Recap: Our First Experience  via
Great Funk band called Raspberry Pie based in Orlando Florida

Also, Comic-Con had quite a bit of last-minute panel cancellations and a few canceled guests too.  But that's to be expected and is out of their control.

Overall, we had a great, memorable time at Comic Con.  Would we do it again?  Sure, depending on what celebrity will be there.  The Comic Con I want to go to is the one in San Deigo, the International one.  I heard the convention is massive with a vast selection of well-known celebrities in attendance.

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Have you ever been to Comic Con before?

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  1. Oh my son would love this! Comic con comes here but we've never been. I think we should go now.

    1. Yes girl, you and your son need to go!!!!

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