Our 2018 Summer Break Plans

Our 2018 Summer Break Plans  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Hey Yall!  It's going to be Camp Mommy this year since the girls will not be in summer camp.  Last year they were in Gymnastics Camp, but they felt like it was nothing more than a day-care, especially since other children in attendance was much younger than them.  I could have saved my money, and they stayed home with me.

Trying to balance work-life and parenting-life this summer is going to be quite hard, but I created a list of things to keep the girls occupied, free from the, "I'm Bored Syndrome," and me being able to squeeze in some work here and there.

The great thing is my kids are older and more independent, so they're more understanding when I need a break for work, plus, with me working for myself the majority business-related events I go to they can come as well, being my business partners when it comes to photo-taking.

Below, I have listed things the girls and I will be doing this summer.  We're keeping it more local this summer break.  There are a lot of things we haven't done here in our own backyard.

1. MomoCon: MomoCon was my gift to Lauren for her excellent grades in school.  She almost made Honor Roll; it was just one class, Science Enrichment she got a C, all other grades were A's and B's.  We kick-started our summer break at MomoCon, a massive Gamer's convention for three days.  Let's just say; we're still recouping from that event.

2. Library: I told the girls we're not going to sit around watching TV and staring at our phones all summer.  Already, we picked up some books from our local library to read each week.  Also, our library host free events we'll be dropping in to attend.

3. Six Flags: Six Flags during the summer has started to become a family tradition for us.  We missed out going last year, but this year we're going to take advantage of their water park to cool off and enjoy some of the thrill rides.

4. Museum: I want my girls to continue learning this summer, so we're going to be visiting several museums in Atlanta.

5. Park: Michelle now has a new bike, so I take her to the park for a bike ride.  While she is riding around the park, I use that opportunity to walk around the walking trails for exercise and clearing my mind.  Lauren usually has a race with Michelle on her bike, and in the evenings Lauren likes to catch fireflies.

6. Pool:  It's been raining a lot here in Atlanta, but when the weather starts heating up we're hitting up our neighborhood pool, also our local community one.

7. Road Trip:  Depending on our schedule, we may take a road trip this summer.  I'm not trying to go too far, maybe visit Jekyll Island since we never been there.

8. Visit Local Events: I'm always invited to events around town, so the girls and I will visit some of them to occupy our time and see what these companies have to offer.

9. Visit Local Restaurants: If you haven't realized by now, we're a family of foodies.  We enjoy visiting restaurants, trying out different cuisines.  That's why my Instastories is always full of food.

10. Rest:  I don't want to always be on the go, summer is the time to relax.  So, there will be some downtime where the girls and I will catch up on some needed rest.

What are your plans for summer break?

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  1. Girl, you got everything all planned out. This summer so far we have a visit to Great Wolf Lodge, my summer cruise in which the boys will go to Maryland for a week, and misc local theme parks. When the rain stops here we're going to also be putting a pool up in our backyard so they have something to do on days when we're just hanging at home.

    1. You got it all planned out too girl! Your summer is going to be so much fun!

  2. When you go to Jekyll island stay there if you leave the island you will have to pay also....the water there tastes horrible lol. I had fun there but not a lot of shopping when we went. I am going to Greenville,SC next week not to far but still out of town. I am sticking to small towns and not to far from home this summer

    1. Wow, I didn't know that about Jekyll Island. Now, you're making me reconsider.

      Looks like you had fun in Greenville. Sticking around to small towns is a great idea, plus, not crowded with vacationers.

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