Almost a Teenager!

Almost a Teenager!  via

A big Happy Birthday is in order for my first born Lauren!!!  Time is flying fast with this year being her last year of tweens and entering the take steps in life as a teenager.

What a big difference a year has been with Lauren.  I'm noticing all the baby cuteness is vastly going away, revealing a beautiful young lady right before my eyes.  She is even almost as tall as me!  Slow your roll girl!

Things have definitely changed with Lauren, now that she is not a baby anymore.  From the clothes she wears, her interests, and personality.  I'm thankful she still enjoys spending time with her dear ol' mom, still latched to me at the hip.

I start to become teary-eyed to think that soon she'll be off to high school, college, and starting a family of her own.  Why can't my baby girl be young forever?

Cherish these moments with your kids y'all; they grow up mighty fast.

We have been celebrating Lauren's special day for the past couple of weeks now by attending her first anime convention, and the whole family together for a bonding/media trip in the Smoky Mountains.

A huge turn around from her birthday last year.  Mr. M and I wanted to make sure she has the very best day; she deserves it!

Happy 12th Birthday Lauren!  We love you!!!  💋

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  1. sweet. Say Happy birthday to her. I know how you feel Lou! They grow up so fast right in front of our big eyes��.

  2. Happy 12th birthday to Lauren!!

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