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Unforgettable Birthday

Unforgettable Birthday  via

Hey Yall!  Today is my oldest baby's birthday!  Yay!  I can't believe Lauren is 11 years old; it's like yesterday we were celebrating her turning double digits.  These teen years are quickly sneaking up on me, and she needs to slow it down.  LOL! 

This birthday will be one she'll never forget, and the reason for that is her father for the first time will not be able to celebrate her special day.

You may have seen that I have been asking for prayers for our family.  Well, Mr. M was involved in a horrible car accident this past Friday night, so he has been recovering in the hospital ever since.

Unforgettable Birthday  via

I'm trying to be strong for my girls, but it has been hard.  I try to keep a smile and keep positive around them, but deep down inside I'm breaking.  Since I don't have family in Georgia, I don't have someone to run to and let out all my hurt and pain.   I haven't slept well, and I've been losing weight due to loss of appetite.  Never have I experience a loved one in such a terrible accident.  

The girls are taking it better than I expected. However, Lauren recently had a break down because her dad won't be there for her today.  She told me this will be the worst birthday ever.  Each day the girls ask me is their dad is coming home, and I wish I could give them the answer yes.

Today, I will be making sure Lauren's birthday will be the best and normal as possible by taking her to her, and I's favorite restaurant Benihana.  There will be family and friends their to celebrate with her.

Please, everyone, continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we really appreciate it. 

Thank goodness for this blog, it helps me to express myself and share my feelings with y'all.  You all are like my family, and I know I can turn to you all when I need to talk.

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  1. Oh Lou, I'm so sorry to hear that about Mr. M. I pray he gets better real soon. Happy birthday to Lauren. Stay strong and I know what you're going through. Be blessed and let me know if I can help!

    1. Thank you so much Janet! We appreciate it!

  2. Your blog usually makes me smile, but I wanted to cry this time. I pray that everything turns out well. Your family is strong and you do a wonderful job with keeping everything together. You will get through this!

    1. Thank you Kandi! It has been very tough, but we're making it through.

  3. Praying for you and the family - stay strong sis!