I Love a Man that Smells Good!

I Love a Man that Smells Good!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Hey Yall!  So yesterday was International Women's Day, as well as feminists showing how it is with a day without women by stepping away from their daily duties in protest.

How I spent the day was working on gathering up all my business receipts, 1099-MISC forms and printing up my PayPal transaction documents to give to my accountant tomorrow to get the ball rolling with my taxes.  April 18th is creeping up fast, and I'm cringing at the thought of giving Uncle Sam all my hard earn coins.

The times when I was getting tax refunds, I would do my taxes to get that money refunded back to me in a hurry.  Now, I just drag my feet and moan and groan thinking I should just quit this entrepreneur life and go back to a 9 to 5 to collect those yearly refunds.

While I was adding up my total payments I paid out in 2016, Mr. M came to me asking if I still had the cologne I was telling him about that was mailed to me recently because he ran out of his Penguin Cologne.

Mr. M never goes out the door without cologne on.  He's like me; I don't step outdoors without makeup unless I'm headed to the gym.  I just never know who I'll run across, and heaven forbids they see me looking a raggedy mess.  LOL!  Well, I am going out more without makeup showing all my natural glory, I even brave it by showing my bare face on Instagram Stories, that's a huge step for me.

I Love a Man that Smells Good!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

I handed Mr. M the box with the small bottle sample of POLO Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren.

He opened the package.....

I Love a Man that Smells Good!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

"Where's the rest of it?" he said.

"They only sent a sample; you think Influenster is going to send me a full-size bottle for free? Umm..no!" me giving Mr. M the side eye. ๐Ÿ˜’

He popped the top, took a sniff and proceeded to tell me that the cologne doesn't have much of a smell.  He applied the fragrance on his neck and wrist, then said he now can smell it.

Me: So, how do you like the smell?  Is this something you see yourself wearing every day?

Mr. M: It's okay, I would wear it regularly.

Me: What kind of smell is it?  Woodsy? Fresh? Sweet?

Mr. M: I don't know.

Men!  They can be useless sometimes, LOL!  Just kidding! ๐Ÿ˜„

I took a sniff of the POLO fragrance, and it gives off a woodsy scent like for a hardcore rough, rugged man.  My kind of scent for a gentleman!

Once this small bottle is gone (I can tell it'll be gone within a week), Mr. M will purchase himself a bottle of POLO Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren, full size of course.

Now back to gathering up all these tax documents!  Argh...I need a vacation! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Disclosure: Influenster provided this cologne for free, all opinions are our own. Post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Lou you get better with time and that is a good thing. Thank you letting us see Men in a blog post. I like this a lot. Post more things like this in the future.

    1. Hey Melody! I'll try, it's just that Mr. M doesn't like to show his face on here. He drops in on my blog from time to time. I'll let him know what you said.

  2. My hubby got the same thing. At least it was a deluxe sample. Last time they sent the little tube and I was p'd!

    1. lol, I know right Stacie! how is one tiny tube enough to give a proper review?

  3. Hey darlin,

    Hope you and they family are all doing well! Great post and so spot on, hubby is the same way, when I ask him about scents, what do you mean woodsy, spicy?? lol

    Take care and have a great weekend

  4. Loved the dialogue he's hilarious! I'm like him I don't leave the house without my signature scent :)
    Have as much fun as you can with those tax documents eeekk

  5. Fragrance are not my husband cup of tea. (he likes to wear them tho. He just let me choose them). I believe that if I had asked him the same questions, he would had answer the same way your hubby did.... lol

    Lovely post.

  6. Not sure what is up with Influenster lately. Their vox boxes used to be awesome with full size samples or at least coupons for a full size product. Now you have to do so much work i.e. virtual voxes, twitter parties etc, just to hopefully get in the running for a vox box. I'm glad you guys like this sample at least! #ProductReviewParty

  7. Where have I been all these years. I never knew they made cologne. Glad he likes it though.

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