5 Skincare Tips for Fall

5 Skincare Tips for Fall

Taking care of your skin is something that should be done all year. The techniques for each season change to help keep your skin healthy and properly hydrated. It is important to make skincare a part of your daily routine.

Some skincare practices can be made with items in your own home, such as a sour cream and cucumber cream for extra hydration.

5 Skincare Tips for Fall

Switch to Hydrating Cleansers

Soap dries out your skin, and in the fall when the weather changes, your skin needs extra hydration. Use a quality hydrating cleanser to keep your skin healthy and free of flakes. You can use a creamy body wash, preferably non soap-based to keep your skin from drying out.

If you wear makeup daily, a hydrating cleanser with makeup remover included is ideal. These are often made in balm-style or thicker consistencies. Using products that are organic or all natural are better for your skin. 

Oil-Based Exfoliating Scrubs

You may wonder why you’d use an oil-based option on your face, especially when the sun is less prevalent. The sun damages and dries out your skin in the summer. Using oil-based exfoliating scrubs in the fall help repair dry and damaged skin while hydrating it.

If oil-based options are not your cup of tea, consider a cream exfoliator instead. Consider a full-body cream exfoliating scrub that can help smooth your skin, treat acne, and helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Look for products with fortified vitamins, like vitamin E, in them to help nourish your skin. 

Use Cream Rather than Lotion

Cream helps protect your skin from the sun. The thin barrier that it creates helps reduce sunspots and uneven skin tones. Creams are gentle on your skin and keep it looking healthy. With the natural glow and softness that creams give your skin, friends might think you’ve been to a spa.

5 Skincare Tips for Fall

Invest in Chap Stick

Your lips need protecting. Women tend to neglect to see if their lipsticks and lip-glosses have a UV protectant in them, and many do not. You should use the time in the fall to take care of your lips with a good lip balm or Chap Stick product. It helps hydrate your lips, bring back softness, and heal cracks from dryness/sun damage.

Vitamin E Supplement

Vitamin E is great for your skin. It helps nourish it from the inside out. Taking a vitamin E supplement daily helps keep your skin healthy in the fall and winter months.

Closing Skincare Tips for Fall

You don’t have to spend a fortune on skincare products, look for sales. Compare store brands to leading brands as some store brands have the same ingredients as the name brand labels but are a fraction of the cost. Consider creating your own skincare products at home using organic recipes that can be found online on websites such as Pinterest. Making your own products is ideal for those with sensitive skin and multiple allergies.

How do you protect your skin when the seasons change?

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