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The off-season varies depending on what part of the country you want to visit. Traveling to the Northeastern U.S. is ideal in the fall and winter months due to the cold conditions. Traveling to the south and southwest regions in the summer months is cheaper due to the extreme heat. Plan your trips for off-season times for the best savings, as hotel accommodations are typically cheaper to fill the rooms.

Today I am sharing five cheap places to travel to during the off season.

Richmond, Virginia

Visiting Richmond during hurricane season, typically the months of August through October, can help you find great travel deals. It is a good idea to stay inland but within driving distance of amusement parks like Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens where your family can easily spend an entire day. Since hotels are typically cheaper during hurricane season, you may be able to afford an extra day.

Birmingham, Alabama

Visit Birmingham during the summer and early fall (hurricane season). It is a little more humid in Birmingham, but it is the home of the third-longest golf course in the world. Hotels cost 9-percent less, on average and dining cost an average of $2 less per meal than the national average. Birmingham has a lively jazz scene and the popular Ross Bridge to visit.

Cleveland, Ohio

Travel to Ohio in the winter, it is off-peak season there. Downtown Cleveland is absolutely beautiful when it is snow covered, especially after the city has Christmas lights up. In Cleveland, you can go to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, go skiing, sledding, and of course, shop at all of the great downtown retailers. Stop by the West Side Market for specialty food items, high-end food items, and the fresh meat.

Cleveland is known to have great craft shows and flea markets in the fall and winter months.

Phoenix, Arizona

Although you may have no idea how to cope with the heat, traveling to Phoenix between May and October may bring on extra savings, as this is off-peak season. The heat is extreme, but wearing light colored, lightweight, and loose fitting clothes helps you stay comfortable, along with staying properly hydrated. Hotel, flight and dining deals are everywhere in Phoenix, not to mention mountains to see in almost any direction. Phoenix has beautiful golf courses and high-end shopping, along with multiple waterparks to visit.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is hot and sticky in the summer, so visiting in the fall and winter months is best. Atlanta is a college city, so there are ample options for cheap eats. Flights to Atlanta are below the national average. Hotels charge roughly 17-percent less than other major cities. One of the benefits of Atlanta is that there are an average of 310 sunny days each year.

Grab Some Extra Discounts

Along with promotions and special pricing being available during off-peak travel times, you may be able to pick up a few extra discounts for your trip. Take advantage of Groupon, local amusement park deals, and local visitor deals when possible. Try to book your accommodations as far in advance as possible for the best savings on price for flights, rental cars, and hotels.

What is your family’s favorite off-peak season travel destination?

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