How to Create a Halloween Themed Sweet Candy Buffet

How to Create a Halloween Themed Sweet Candy Buffet  via

Halloween will be here before you know it. It’s that special time of year when the kids get to dress up in spooky costumes and run around their neighborhood pleading for candy! It really is something special to see, and it’s an incredibly fun and exciting time in a young person’s life. 

Halloween parties are also another special event that all young people must attend every year. Otherwise they are missing out on a fun filled time with family members and friends. You don’t want your kids to miss out on fun Halloween parties, do you? We certainly hope not. 

Trends come and go every year at Halloween time. The current Halloween party trend is to create a Halloween themed sweet candy buffet. This may seem difficult to pull off on the surface. But trust us when we tell you that you’ll have no problem pulling it off after reading the information that we are about to share with you today. 

Are you ready to learn how to create a Halloween themed sweet candy buffet? Let’s get down to the specific details right now. 

A Step-By-Step Method to Create a Halloween Themed Candy Buffet

Believe it or not, you can easily create a Halloween candy buffet in five simple steps. Here are the easy-to-follow instructions in step-by-step order: 

  • Choosing the perfect Halloween theme – the first step in the process is to choose the overall theme of the Halloween party. For some kids, or even adults for that matter, they’re going to want to have a spooky party that they enjoy with all of their family and friends. In other situations you may be hosting a party for young children and you might not want to make the theme too scary. Ultimately, you have to think about the people being invited to the party and choose the right theme based on your guest list and what they might expect. 

  • Picking the best table linens for your candy buffet – you’re obviously going to lay out your candy buffet on one or more tables, right? Well, choosing Halloween themed table linens is definitely going to be part of the process. Some options to choose from include table linens in the colors orange, black, or white. And if you can find table linens with Halloween characters already on them, then you can absolutely choose these linens if they fit the theme of the Halloween party. 

  • Discovering the perfect candy dishes/jars – certain candy dishes or jars would be absolutely wonderful for a birthday party or end of summer bash. But they might not necessarily fit the bill for a Halloween themed sweet candy buffet. In this instance, we recommend finding interesting jars that have a Halloween feel to them. Mason jars are an excellent option. Apothecary jars are also a good choice. If it seems like it fits with Halloween, then you should definitely consider it as a viable option. 

  • Decorations – a Halloween sweet candy buffet would not be complete without interesting decorations. A pumpkin centerpiece is one decoration that will absolutely go over well and really fit the theme. Halloween themed candles spread out throughout the table are also a great choice – although you might not want to light them if young children are around. Other decorations to consider include gravestones, spiders, spider webs, cauldrons, and anything else that tickles your ghoulish fancy. 

  • Picking the best sweet candy treats – obviously the candy has to fit the overall theme. Orange candy corns are always a good choice. Candy apples are certainly a fantastic option. Other candies to consider are black and orange jelly beans, Halloween gummy worms, black and white Halloween lollipops, orange and black lollipops, orange black and silver Hershey’s kisses, and much more. 

As you can see, it’s going to be easier to create a Halloween themed sweet candy buffet than you may have originally imagined. Use our suggestions and create the perfect buffet that everyone will love. 

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