Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul   via
I was loaned the 2015 KIA Soul during my trip in Vegas in exchange for a honest review.

Hey Yall!  New year, new car review!  Well, the car isn't exactly new, it's a year old but still a super cool car.

Back in 2014, my very first car review was the KIA Soul, and I fell in love with it and so did my family.  Since I didn't get a chance to review 2015 model yet, during my recent Vegas trip I did.

You may think when purchasing a car you want something brand new.  Me personally, I like to buy cars that are 1 to 2 years old because they're still good cars, low mileage, plus I can get a better deal.  And did you know when you purchase a brand new car the value depreciate once you drive the car off the lot?  Yep it's true, another reason I like to buy used, certified cars.

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul  via

The flaming hot, inferno red 2015 KIA Soul was with the valet at my hotel ready for me to pick up and hit the Las Vegas Strip.

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul   via

As I waited for the valet to give me the KIA Soul, I noticed other people were driving up in Bently's and Rolls Royce's, but that didn't intimidate me, I stepped in the candy apple red KIA with pride!  It's a fun car, with a lot of neat features, without bankrupting my bank account.  More money in the bank means more money to blow at the slot machines.  LOL!

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul  via

As I got into the KIA, I didn't see much of a difference between the 2014 and 2015 model.  Just like I remembered, a great exterior body that gives the car an attractive, sleek look.  All black leather bucket seats are comfortable and work well with the red and black combination.

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul  via

There is a lot that I loved about this car; these are my favorite features:

1. Keyless remote for easy access in and out the car.  We were hopping from casino to casino, so this feature was needed to stay on the go without the need of looking for the keys.

2. Vegas was a little chilly, especially at nights, the heated seats kept Mr. M, and I's buns nice and toasty.

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul   via

3. That panoramic sunroof with power sunshade is everything, and then some!  Checking out the tall hotel buildings, and all the bright lights through the sunroof made me feel like jumping out my seat and standing up through the sunroof to take it all in.  The views from it were fantastic!

4. The LED lighting headlights were bright enough to see the road in front of us without blinding other cars.

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul   via

5. What I love most about the KIA Soul; the Infinity speakers has a lighting display that changes different colors and goes along with the beat of the music.  That was a added touch to go with the nightlife and all the lights in Vegas.

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul   via

6.  The trunk had enough room to store my huge suitcase.  Also, I like the fact that there is a cargo cover so people walking by can't see what I have in the trunk.

7.  It was foggy in Vegas during the morning hours.  The power heated outside mirrors helped me avoid needing to get a rag to wipe off the morning dew so I can see.

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul  via

8.  The navigation system is user-friendly, not just in the KIA Soul but all KIA cars.

9.  Vegas traffic is a nightmare, and this car helped get in and out of it with ease.

Rollin' in Vegas in the 2015 KIA Soul  via

10.  Parking is a snap in the KIA Soul due to its compact size.

The KIA Soul had a lot of pep in its step and held a special place in my heart.  It's like it makes me feel young and vibrant, wild and free!  It's such a fun little car and no wonder I kept seeing it driving around Las Vegas, I bet those KIA Soul drivers feel the same way.

I listed ten things I loved about this car, but there are two others I can't forget to mention.

Fuel economy is outstanding! 26 MPG (23 city 31 highway), I didn't have to gas up at all.  I bet I could've driven the car to Los Angeles on one tank of gas (LA is 4 hours away from Vegas).

The price is very affordable too!  With a fully decked out 2015 KIA Soul, the price is $26,835.00.  With this car being a year old, you can find a used, low mileage one at a lower price.



So long KIA Soul!  Thanks for the excitement we had together in the city that never sleeps!

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  1. Lou...sounds like a great college car. My son is always got his eye on this car. Any idea on the safety ratings? Who knows by the time he goes to college in three years he may change his mind about this car.

    1. This car is perfect for college students, a great starter car. It has a 4 1/2 star safety rating which is really good. You should have your son test drive one, I bet he'll not want any other car.

  2. I love how slick this car looks! My sister has one and loves it!

  3. wow!This is a lovely car for any young one..

  4. I have always wanted to drive a Kia Soul and miss their commercials with the rodents - lol #ProductReviewParty

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