My Suitcase is Organized for Las Vegas

My Suitcase is Organized for Las Vegas  via
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Hey Yall!  Did you read my Myrtle Beach trip post recently?

On that post, I discussed how disorganized I was with packing for my end of the year annual family trip, and how I forgot to pack a day worth of clothes.  A lot of things has been going on with me, and I was not focused at that moment in time.  However, my mind is clear now so when I travel things will be a lot different.

Welp y'all, I'm back to traveling again, this time to Las Vegas!  Woot!  And I'm a lot better prepared this time around.  I didn't wait until the day of my trip to pack; I know a lot better than that to do that again.

So I won't forget about the necessities I need for this journey, I created a checklist.   

Here are the Top 20 Things I'll Need to Pack:

1. Body Wash

2. Body Lotion

3. Makeup

4. Razor

5. Toothbrush

6. Toothpaste

7. Dental Floss

8. Clothes

9. Shoes

10. Jacket

11. Jewelry

12. Haircare products

13. Headwrap

14. Pajamas

15. Undergarments

16. Socks

17. Belt

18. Purse

19. Deodorant

20. Scarves

Did I forget anything?

Mr. M and I share a suitcase together that we add all our items to for our trips.  I'm the one that packs the suitcase to keep our stuff neat and separated, but by the time we get to our destination, all our belongings get mixed in together.  Having our clothes and other items scrambled all over the place in our bag is frustrating because we waste our time trying to find things when we need to be out enjoying ourselves.  I hate to waste time during our vacation; that's time we don't get back.

There is a harness that snaps together to keep our stuff in place in our suitcase, but that doesn't actually work, especially if we don't have a lot in it.

I needed a solution to this problem.  Is there a product that will keep Mr. M's and I stuff in one place the whole time, even when it's getting tossed around by baggage carriers at airports?  How about easy access to the stuff I packed into our suitcase, without needing to take everything out just for a shirt?

In comes The Pack Gear to save the day!  Yay!

My Suitcase is Organized for Las Vegas   via

This lightweight travel organizer has several compartments to roll up your clothing, and it stays in place.   I can pull the travel organizer out of the suitcase without removing our belongings and hang it up in the closet with the built-in hooks all in less than 10 seconds!  I can pull out the outfit I want, get dressed, and I'm on my way to hit the Vegas strip!  No more stuff getting mixed with Mr. M's!  I'm all for this mobile closet!

My Suitcase is Organized for Las Vegas   via

And another thing, if you're a backpacker, The Pack Gear would work perfectly in backpacks too.

Days worth of shirts and pants fits in the organizer!

More time creating memories, less time searching for things in our suitcase, that's always a great thing.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what I'm up to in Sin City.  It's just Mr. M and me on this trip, so what happens in Vegas will get blogged about here!

Get organized like me on your next trip by getting yourself a The Pack Gear.  And just for your loyalty, I'm giving my readers 15% off your purchase by using the code ReviewMom15.

See ya!

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  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    That bag looks awesome! When we travel, my husband and I share a bag and the boys share a bag. We use ezpacking packing cubes. Have you ever tried ezpacking? Check out their website It would be great if you did a review of ezpacking!! I love your blog!

    1. I have never tried I just checked them out and their packing cubes looks great!

      I'm so happy you love my blog!!!! Thank you for the love and support!

  2. Wow! That looks so handy! Plus it's seems to save a lot of space.

  3. Interesting concept, however, we have always packed separate bags even when the boys were young. I don't like putting clothes together with hubby and the mini men feel the same - lol

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