My Girls Christmas Wish List

My Girls Christmas Wish List via

Welp, Christmas is tomorrow and I'm ready for it to get here!  I did almost all my shopping during Cyber Monday and finished yesterday at ToysRus, wrapped the presents at work, and had enough time to hide the gifts.

I'm glad I gotten all my Christmas shopping done early this year because after my trip to New Orleans I fell ill and my sickness lasted for over a week which would have made me miss days of shopping.

This year, I told the girls that Santa will not be getting a lot for them for Christmas because we are moving in January and I don't want to be loading a whole bunch of stuff to our new place and plus they have plenty of stuff.  I've already been donating a lot of their toys and clothes, I need to be having a "Shop The Girl's Closet" on this blog, LOL!  SERIOUSLY!

I had the girls write a Christmas list of what they wanted for Christmas and this is what is on their Wist List:


1. Shopkins 

2. Mi World Starter Set

3. Lego Friends Jungle Fall Rescue

4. Super Mario Bro. 2 Game for Nintendo 3DS

5. Kirby Triple Deluxe Game for Nintendo 3DS

6. Nintendo 3DS Frozen Game Case

7. Beary Sweet Scented Markers

8. Warm Pajamas

9. A Robe

10. Candy Canes


1. Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

2. Sky Saucer Swing

3. Eagle Zipline

4. Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon

5. Glow Pad

6. Fuzzy Wuzzy and Knit & Wear Knitting Kit

7. Monster Tail Rainbow Loom Kit

8.  Nintendo 3DS Game System with Games

The girls dropped off their Christmas Wish List at Macy's Santa drop box.

My Girls Christmas Wish List via

As for what is on my Christmas list?  Nothing.  I usually don't ask for anything for Christmas, I use Christmas day for my daughters.

After Christmas, we take our annual family vacation to Orlando.  I allow my daughters to choose which amusement park they would like to go to and this year they chosen Sea World.  I'm looking forward to bringing in the new year in style!  Make sure to follow me on Instagram!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Wow, Santa was good to the girls this year....I can't wait to see the pics!

    1. They won't get everything on their list but Santa will get them enough.

  2. Love it! My youngest wanted shopkins but they are entirely too small and I can see me sucking them up with the vacuum or stepping on them...LOL! And I just love pics of those two angels!!! <3

    1. Shopkins are very small and I can see me stepping on those things and then hollarin'!!!! LOL! Thanks girl, I love seeing pics of your angels as well, too bad we don't stay close to each other to do play dates.

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