Join The Avatar Feedback Community and Get Rewarded for Sharing Your Opinions on Avatars

Join The Avatar Feedback Community and Get Rewarded for Sharing Your Opinions on Avatars

Hey everyone! I am thrilled to inform you about a new opportunity to earn some extra cash online

The Avatar Feedback Community is currently looking for new members to share their opinions about avatars, particularly Meta Avatars (avatars on Facebook and Instagram). 

Avatars are digital self-representations used to represent oneself online. 

You will be asked to participate in multiple activities over 9 months (approximately 2 activities per month). If you qualify to join their community, you will:

Help shape the future of Avatars.

  • Participate in research activities that will influence decision-making and shape the future of avatars and virtual reality.


Get rewarded for your participation.

  • Once you qualify and join, you will be asked to participate in up to 18 short survey activities over the next 9 months.

  • You will collect $10-15 USD (or equivalent in your currency) per activity for each activity completed.

  • The more you contribute, the more you earn.

  • You could also be recruited to participate in one-on-one interviews to provide more detailed feedback, for which you will be compensated appropriately.


To start, The Avatar Feedback Community will collect some basic details about you. The community asks these questions upfront, so they have your details on record and don't have to ask them with every survey. 


When you sign up and complete the interview questions, you will be introduced to what is expected of you over the next few months.


Please try to answer all questions thoughtfully and carefully follow the instructions, as your responses may be used to determine membership eligibility and will help The Avatar Feedback Community send surveys that you will find relevant.


Once each activity is completed, you will be assigned a specific monetary value that can be redeemed through The Avatar Feedback Community's redemption partner.

If you would like to join this community, sign up today! I hope to see you there!

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