How to Become a Clothes and Shoes Product Tester

How to Become a Clothes and Shoes Product Tester

Do you love clothes and shoes? Are you always on the lookout for the latest trends? 

If so, becoming a clothes and shoes product tester may be your perfect job! 

As a tester, you can try out new clothing and shoe designs before they hit the market.  Here are some tips on how to become a clothes and shoes tester:

1.  Research Companies that offer Testing Opportunities

Several companies offer remote opportunities for testing clothes and shoes. Below is a list of shoes and clothing product testing companies you can join for free.

New Balance: New Balance Shoes is looking for product testers. Help improve their products by testing new prototypes sent to you by mail. Once you have received your products, try them on, and then send feedback to the Research Development Team. With your help, New Balance will continue to evolve and enhance the quality, performance, and fit of its products.

AllBirds:  Allbirds is currently seeking fit models and wear-testers. If you fit the profile, the Allbirds Product Testing Team will select prototypes of upcoming products for you to try out. They will then extend an invitation and deliver the products to your doorstep.

Adidas: Are you a fan of the Adidas brand? If so, they have a product testing program you can join. First, you'll need to know your measurements before signing up. After that, you'll have the opportunity to review apparel and shoes when available. Testing products are mailed to you, and you test for up to 2-4 weeks. Unfortunately, you do not keep the testing product because Adidas needs to inspect and evaluate it. So, keeping a detailed daily log of your time using their products is essential.

Saucony: Saucony has a product testing program that allows you to test their shoes and provide feedback. When working with them, you must agree not to disclose the products you review. If you live in the Greater Boston area, you can visit Saucony's lab and participate in various footwear tests onsite.

Columbia Sportswear Company: Columbia Sportswear Company is seeking various enthusiasts to help test their products and give feedback.

Lululemon: If you're passionate about building and nurturing relationships that elevate your community, become a Lululemon ambassador. Through the ambassador program, ambassadors receive development tools and experiences, get products to test, meet a network of like-minded people, and score a humongous cheer squad. This partnership opens up new opportunities to make a difference in your communities and beyond.

Nike: Are you a big fan of Nike and would like to share your input about their latest products? Nike has a product testing program for kids and adults to test their shoes and clothes. They'll send you a testing package with products to test, and you will share your feedback on their website. Once done, you return products so Nike can examine them.

2.  Apply for Testing Programs

Once you have found companies that offer testing programs, apply for them like the ones I mentioned above. Make sure to read the application requirements carefully and follow all instructions. Some companies may require a certain fitness level or experience in a particular sport.

3.  Build your Social Media Presence

Many companies use social media to find testers. Build a strong social media presence by posting pictures of your outfits and engaging with other fashion enthusiasts. Use hashtags to make your posts more discoverable. You can find the most searchable Fashion hashtags on the Best Hashtags website.

Also, having a blog and posting your outfits can increase brand awareness. 

4. Attend Fashion Events

Attending fashion events is an excellent way to network and meet people in the fashion industry. Look for events in your area and connect with designers, stylists, and other fashion professionals. By attending these events, you can establish a relationship and even become a brand ambassador for fashion brands. You may even get paid to showcase their latest garments.

5. Be Passionate about Fashion

To become a clothes and shoes tester, you must be passionate about fashion. Keep up with the latest trends and styles to give a thorough opinion about what clothes and shoes you want on the market.

In conclusion, becoming a clothes and shoes tester is an excellent opportunity for fashion enthusiasts who want to try out new designs and provide feedback to companies. Following these tips can increase your chances of becoming a tester and enjoying all the job's perks!

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