Toyota Crown Returns with a Bang and My First Impression of the 2024 Model

2024 Toyota Crown Exterior Red

The Toyota Crown has made a triumphant return with all its glory intact! 

After leaving the US market in 1972, the new Crown was reintroduced in 2023, boasting a sleek and modern design, advanced technology, and cutting-edge safety features that make it one of the most desirable cars available. In addition, the Toyota Crown is a midsize luxury vehicle that features a hybrid drivetrain. (Starting price is $40,000)

The reason behind Toyota Crown's departure was the lack of demand for luxury cars at that time. And now, it's replacing the Toyota Avalon as the new leader of Toyota's luxury lineup.

During Toyota's End of the Year Luncheon hosted at 5Church Buckhead restaurant, I had the opportunity to take a first look at the 2024 Toyota Crown.  

2024 Toyota Crown Exterior Red

My First Impression of the 2024 Toyota Crown

I must say, it's a sharp-looking crossover. Although I still require the space of a Highlander, I could see myself driving this vehicle once I become an empty nester.

2024 Toyota Crown Black Interior with Moonroof

Based on its appearance, I can tell this car would be enjoyable to drive around town and on road trips. Additionally, I appreciate the large moonroof that allows all passengers to enjoy the breeze and sunshine.

I noticed that there is ample legroom available for everyone in the car. However, I still need to check the cargo space. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to see the trunk and take the car for a test drive soon. This will allow me to get a better understanding of the vehicle.

2024 Toyota Crown Driver and Passenger Seats

I love seeing the evolution of Toyota's lineup of cars. Some of the Toyota vehicles come and go, but when they return, they return better than ever!

And I also like the fact that Toyota gives consumers options, like choices of Hybrids, EVs, and Gas powered vehicles. They have vehicles to fit everyone's lifestyle.

During lunch, I learned about Toyota's new Beyond Zero. Producing a diverse range of electrified vehicles moves them closer to this vision because it helps them maximize their use of limited battery resources while reducing carbon emissions.

Toyota's Beyond Zero Vision

"Beyond Zero" is Toyota's ambitious goal to go beyond carbon neutrality through its products, services, and operations and discover innovative ways to positively impact our planet and society. Currently, they offer more low and zero-emission vehicles combined than any other automaker. This gives customers a variety of choices to reduce their carbon footprint.

My Thoughts on 5Church Buckhead Restaurant

5Church Buckhead is a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurant is known for its innovative cuisine, artistic decor, and outstanding service.

The restaurant offers modern American cuisine with global influences in an upscale atmosphere. The menu features locally sourced ingredients and serves both lunch and dinner.

Also, 5Church Buckhead offers a brunch menu on weekends and a happy hour menu from Monday to Friday.  

The restaurant's interior is also notable, featuring a stunning stained-glass window sunroom, floral garden displays, with a beautiful skyline view of Atlanta.

Family Style Lunch with Toyota at 5Church Buckhead in Atlanta

Our lunch was served family-style. It started with a mixed green salad, followed by two entrees, including seared salmon and grilled hanger steak, two sides of whipped potatoes, and broccolini, and ended with Chef's Choice of Petite Fors.

Although the restaurant is aesthetically pleasing, I thought the food was okay, as if I could get a meal like this from any other upscale American restaurant.   

Lunch at 5Church Buckhead in Atlanta

One of the dishes I didn't care for was the broccolini; it had a weird, bitter taste.

Since I wasn't impressed with the food, I didn't stay for dessert.

I have noticed that certain restaurants prioritize the establishment's appearance over the quality of their food. Besides, 5Church, located in the heart of Buckhead, is bound to receive a lot of foot traffic regardless of how the food tastes.  

The restaurant would be suitable for lunch meetings and events, but not much else.

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