All-New Scent Discovery Exhibit at World of Coca-Cola

All-New Scent Discovery Exhibit at World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola marked National Have a Coke Day in a big way by launching a new exhibit called Scent Discovery. This interactive experience invites visitors to follow their sense of smell to explore new flavors and recall familiar memories. The exhibition is a tribute to Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler, who identified the original secret formula ingredients based on their scent.  

Additionally, Scent Discovery explores the connection between smell, taste, and memory. This exhibit is just the start of new and improved attractions that will make the World of Coca-Cola even more engaging for visitors.

All-New Scent Discovery Exhibit at World of Coca-Cola


"We know that scent is a powerful trigger for memory and emotion," said Michelle Moorehead, Vice President, Global Licensing, Retail and Attractions for The Coca-Cola Company. "World of Coca-Cola's Scent Discovery offers guests the opportunity to experience the attraction – and the world – in an entirely new way, to create new scent-based memories, while infusing fresh insight into existing memories and emotions." 


When you visit the exhibit, you'll have an immersive experience stimulating your senses in unique ways. You'll start by exploring the Scent Library, where you can discover over 20 exotic aroma profiles from around the globe and learn about new scent categories.  

Next, you'll step inside a Coca-Cola bottle and snap photos under the carbonation bubbles. In the Scentscapes room, you can play a fun game of guessing different scents to unlock new visual landscapes. You'll discover how scent and memories are linked and how they can transport you to different places.  

Finally, you'll arrive at Taste It!, where you can try out beverages from all over the world using the scent profiles you've discovered in the exhibit.

All-New Scent Discovery Exhibit at World of Coca-Cola


The sleek and modern finishes of the exhibit are a departure from World of Coca-Cola's traditional exhibit design, creating an interactive and engaging contemporary experience for people of all ages.  

While the design is contemporary, the story behind the new experience is tied to The Coca-Cola Company's history. According to legend, no formula or instructions for making Coca-Cola were originally written down.  

All-New Scent Discovery Exhibit at World of Coca-Cola

Instead, through the power of scent, Candler identified the unlabeled ingredients only by sight, smell, and location on the shelf. The new exhibit brings history full circle, as World of Coca-Cola is home to the vault where the secret formula is secured. 


This exhibit replaces the original Scent Discovery that debuted in October 2020; check out how it looked when we went.  

All World of Coca-Cola, general admission tickets include admission to the Scent Discovery exhibit. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit or get discounted tickets on Groupon. 

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