Top Soul Food Restaurant in Atlanta: Paschal's Restaurant and Bar

Top Soul Food Restaurant in Atlanta: Paschal's Restaurant and Bar

When visiting Atlanta, you'll notice so many food establishments.  Atlanta is a foodie destination with many cultural cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.

Start planning your next foodie destination in Atlanta

When it comes to choosing where to eat, you would want to visit a place that tells a story; food with meaning, history, and good taste.

In the heart of Atlanta, nestled in the Castleberry Hills Art District, is Paschal's Restaurant and Bar, a soul food restaurant rich in history and a staple in the Black community.  This Black-Owned Soul Food Restaurant was the meeting place for some of the most notable political figures, entertainers, and business people during the Civil Rights Movement.  

Top Soul Food Restaurant in Atlanta: Paschal's Restaurant and Bar

When you walk inside, you'll see photographs hanging of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s on the brick interior and other top leaders that visited Paschal's regularly to get a bite to eat and have strategy meetings.

The Paschal's building has an airy industrial appearance, similar to a Food Hall with bright natural light that's a welcoming warmth.

This isn't the original building; Paschal's was once located on 831 West Hunter Street in Atlanta, Georgia.  James and Robert Paschal opened the first location back in 1947, where they sold sandwiches and sodas.  And back then, the restaurant didn't even have a stove!  It evolved over the years with the delicious soul food offerings Atlantians enjoy today.  Make sure to read more about Paschal's history.

Paschal's has an expansive menu of the community's favorites signature dishes of their famous 1947 Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas, and Fried Catfish. 

I've been living in the Metro Atlanta area since the summer of 2006, and let me tell you, it's only been recent that I have dined at Paschal's.  I have heard a lot about it, but since I'm not big on eating soul food, I didn't give them any thought to stop by.  It took my auto group having a meeting at Paschal's for me to finally try their food.

Top Soul Food Restaurant in Atlanta: Paschal's Restaurant and Bar

The food was catered in Paschal's spacious private dining hall, and the food that I ate were collard greens, black-eyed peas, and mashed potatoes with gravy, and I washed it down with some sweet tea.

Let me tell you, my meal was superb, it had Mr. M, and I was talking about it after we left making plans to return!  Even Mr. M broke his diet and ate some of the tasty fried chicken, making him rush back for 2nds.  The black-eyed peas were my top favorite which was seasoned to perfection!

I see why Paschal's Restaurant and Bar is the Top Soul Food Restaurant in Atlanta!

My only complaint is the parking, not many parking stalls.  However, there is a hotel next door that you can park there.

Also, Paschal's is a bustling restaurant, so reservations are highly recommended.

Paschal's is a great place to gather with family, friends, coworkers, or drop in for a good meal.  When you dine at Paschal's, you'll get some good down-home cooking that continues traditions after all these years.

Paschal's Restaurant and Bar

180 Northside Dr. SW 

Atlanta, GA 30313

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