Golf and Cars, a Fun Combination

Top Golf Buford Georgia

Recently, my auto group and I came together for a fun night to celebrate the end of the year at Top Golf.

Top Golf Buford Georgia

Top Golf is a casual but premier entertainment facility held in outdoor climate-controlled hitting bays. 

Top Golf Buford Georgia

Since family and friends were allowed to join in on the festivities, I brought along my girls to meet my auto group crew and practice on our golf swing.  

Plus, this particular Top Golf location recently opened up near my house, so we had to check it out.

Top Golf Buford Georgia

It was our first time visiting Top Golf and playing golf itself.  Well, I take that back; remember when we visited St. Augustine years back and visited a golf museum?  We played a little bit of golf together back then.

Top Golf Buford Georgia

Top Golf Buford Georgia

Who knew Top Golf would be so fun!  I guess the saying is true, "Golf is fun to play, but boring to watch."

Top Golf Buford Georgia

I was killing it, getting my balls in several outfield targets. However, it took some missed hits to get the hang of swinging my golf club correctly.  

Top Golf Buford Georgia

And Lauren wasn't too bad herself. But, on the other hand, Michelle tried a couple of times and quit. So she instead watches Lauren and I compete, plus chow down on some food.  

Top Golf Buford Georgia

Well, our time wasn't all about golf; it was a time to reconnect and network with fleet managers discussing our year and what's to come.

This year, I didn't review as many cars as years prior due to the chip shortage, which created a car shortage. Hopefully, next year we'll see more inventory. And with the drought, used cars were more in demand this year.

I was chatting with a representative from Nissan and was told despite fewer cars on the lot, their car sales were good this year. That's great news to hear!

However, with the new cars that dealerships did have, the price was marked up, making the new cars cost more than it was worth.  So basically, price gouging.  With fewer cars, automakers need to make up for the loss.

But the growing trend I'm noticing in the auto industry is electric vehicles.  Those are what consumers want now. So there is no need to worry about rising gas prices and have the convenience of charging your car at home.  

Still, even though you save money when it comes to gas, I'm seeing electric cars' prices skyrocketing too.  It's like everything is going up in price!

However, if you need to buy a vehicle, an electric car is the best option.  

And did you hear the news about California banning gas-powered cars in 2030?  I have a feeling other states will follow suit.  Electric cars are the future, and we're a world that is constantly introduced to new technology that makes life easier.  Out with the old, in with the new.

If you're not ready to jump into having an all-electric car yet, there are both gas and electric hybrids, like the 2021 Toyota Prius Prime Limited I reviewed this year.

Make sure to check out other vehicles I previously reviewed.

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