Happy Birthday to Me! What I've Been Up to this Past Year

Happy Birthday to Me!  What I've Been Up to this Past Year

Happy Birthday to me!  It's coming down to the wire, y'all, inching close to the big 4-0!  I got two more years left in my 30's, and I'm going to make sure to end this decade in a positive, healthy way.

This past year, I've focused more on my health since I've been diagnosed with essential hypertension, non-toxic goiter, and fibroids.  

Learning this from my doctors knocked me off my feet and made me realize that I need to make changes or I'm going to be cutting my life short.

Happy Birthday to Me!  What I've Been Up to this Past Year

It was so frightening learning about all these things, plus having a thyroid cancer scare.  I was emotionally distraught with this news but so thankful I had my family by my side during this time to keep me in good spirits. 

So, I have done a complete one-eighty with my health by mainly eating a whole foods diet and exercising five days a week.  My doctor set a goal for me to lose 25lbs, and so far, I've lost about that much.  But, I set a goal for me to lose a total of 40lbs, and the ways things are going, I know I can achieve it.

Happy Birthday to Me!  What I've Been Up to this Past Year

I got to my current health condition because of bad eating and not being active. So in the first step, I had to face accountability.  I put myself in this situation having a mindset of thinking, as long as I'm not 200lbs or more, I'll be okay.  However, I'm only 5'3, and I was very close to topping that 200lbs mark, and being 190lbs is considered obese for my height.

Since I work for myself and mainly work from home, I snacked due to boredom, eating out constantly, and eating microwaved convenience foods. So instead of eating for fuel, I was eating for entertainment.

I was putting on the pounds but didn't realize that I was slowly putting my body through hell.

Thank goodness for my doctors for giving me a wake-up call to change my life around. 

I have stopped shopping at big chain grocery stores like Kroger and Publix due to the temptations of all the bad-for-you foods and now shop for groceries at Sprouts, Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Farmer's Markets, and online.  By doing this, it helped me focus on clean eating and not junk foods.  

Also, learning about my health needing improvement, I decided to follow more uplifting people on social media that give health affirmation to help keep me focus on my health and wellness journey

Mr. M has joined me on my journey, too; I'm thankful for having an accountability partner.

Happy Birthday to Me!  What I've Been Up to this Past Year

With the changes I've made, my energy levels are through the roof, I'm looking younger, I went from a size extra large to a medium, and went down several pants sizes.  And, my hair is growing back thicker again!  I love these results!  Plus, I can see my jawline again!  Yay!

Eating and exercising are not the only things that have changed; I also go to a MedSpa every month to get Hydrafacials to revert the years of damage to my skin.  It's like I'm a whole new person, reborn again!

Since I had to unlearn bad habits, I also started turning down many business opportunities that didn't fit my current lifestyle. 

But everything wasn't all bad in year 37.  My business has been booming, and I'm on track to having the best year ever!!!!  Keeping the focus on my health and having the energy to put my all into my business has made an enormous difference. 

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  And please, especially ladies, make sure to get your yearly exams.  Have your thyroid checked, and if you're noticing having heavy periods and pain, have your uterus checked too because it could be fibroids.

Happy Birthday to Me!  What I've Been Up to this Past Year

Cheers to a healthy, prosperous year 38!


  1. Happy Birthday,🎂 Lou, wishing you wellness, joy,and many blessings🙏🎉

  2. Congratulations on your changes with a successful wellness journey. I certainly understand what you had to go through. I've been there too. Aging has a way of making you listen to your body 100%. Keep going and you got this!

  3. Yassss This new year will be huge and congrats on what you've accomplised so far.

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