Going Down Memory Lane at Computer Museum of America

Going Down Memory Lane at Computer Museum of America

It's getting down to the wire; it's almost time for both of my girls to return to school.

It seems like summer went by so quickly.  I guess time flies when you're having fun.  Both of my daughters kept busy, marking off the things they wanted to do on their summer bucket list.

I shared before that Michelle did a lot on her summer bucket list, like swimming with friends, go to the beach, and even skydiving.  She also did a fancy picnic with friends that turned out wonderfully.

Fancy Park Picnic

Now, let's chat about Lauren's summer bucket list. 

She wanted to visit an anime convention, relax at home, and visit a few museums on her list. 

Going Down Memory Lane at Computer Museum of America

After the girls' dentist appointments this past weekend, we took a quick drive to Roswell, GA, to check out the Computer Museum of America.

5000 Commerce Pkwy 
Roswell, GA 30076

I've heard about this place recently and told Lauren about it, thinking this would be right up her alley.

Lauren is a huge fan when it comes to computers and video games, so learning its history makes her excited.

Computer Museum of America is one of the world's largest collections of artifacts from the digital revolution.  It takes you back in time and shows how computing evolved through the years.

Think Different Steve Jobs

Computer Museum of America is the largest technology museum on the East Coast that recently opened in 2019.  This museum was created to preserve and educate visitors on the past and future of computing, helping to empower the innovators of tomorrow.

During these first two years, they have unveiled new exhibits, including rare artifacts like the Cray-2 and Enigma machine, added Tech Tales - Storytime for Young Explorers, summer STEAM camps, and launched their successful event series - Bytes, Brews & Bourbon. In addition, they have hosted several private events, large and small.

Going Down Memory Lane at Computer Museum of America

There is a lot to explore walking inside, with my favorite walking down memory lane of the first computers.

IBM Personal Computer 1981

When I was a child, our first computer was the IBM Personal Computer (1981).  I loved getting on pretending like I was doing some work to mimic my dad.  Throw in a flop disk to play some games.

iMac Computer 1997

The PC was a game-changer that influenced the computers of today.  It made me sit back and think about how computers played a significant role in my life.

If it weren't for computers, I wouldn't have the business I run today as a blogger.  Everything I do revolves around it.  

And if you think about it, technology plays a big part in everyone's lives, from the movies we watch, our cell phones, the music we listen to, and even gaming. 

So what would this world be without digital technology?  We wouldn't have the conveniences.

Lauren loved the gaming section with the classic Nintendo system, Atari, and other vintage systems.  You'll find yourself playing those arcade-style games for hours, reminiscing when you were a child playing those games.

I found myself saying, "I remember that!" throughout my time at the Computer Museum of America.

Colorful iMac Computers

This museum brought me back to my love of computers.  The bond I had with them and the passion I have thanks to my father introducing me to computing.

Computers help keep me connected to the world around me.  These PCs help me live out my dream by doing the things I love and sharing my experiences with the world.


Apollo 11 at Computer Museum of America

Another excellent parts of the exhibit are the Apollo 11, showing the engineering involved with space travel and the high-level performance of super-computing.

You learn a lot reading all the artifacts inside, and you'll find yourself inside for hours. 

Next on Lauren's Summer Bucket list is the High Museum of Art.  She wants to look at different artwork displays, so we'll finish off summer break visiting that top museum in Atlanta.

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