Revisiting Cantu Beauty: Trying Out their New Superfoods Collection

Revisiting Cantu Beauty: Trying Out their New Superfoods Collection

If you have been following this blog for a while, you may have seen my review of Cantu Beauty's haircare products for kids.

I was so disappointed with the products because they left both of my daughters' hair with a build-up of flakes.  Yuck!  And, I said I would never use their hair products again!

Now, I returned to using some of Cantu's hair product line fast forward to six years later.  What made me return was them reaching out to me to try out their natural hair care line.  

At first, I was going to decline, but brands usually make improvements with their products, and I'm sure Cantu wanted me to give them another shot.

Cantu Beauty gifted me three sets of their Superfoods Hair Collection products, their Acai Berry, Avocado, and Grapeseed.  

The first thing I noticed was the packaging.  It still got that Cantu branding look, but the orange color awakens your eyes, making you ready to try all the products. It got that appeal that will attract you on store shelves when looking for hair products.

All products I received smelled deliciously good, like the smell of the fruit on the packaging.  Not too overpowering, though, but leaving your hair with a pleasant soft scent all day.

Revisiting Cantu Beauty: Trying Out their New Superfoods Collection

Another great thing is that the collection is free from paraffin, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, and mineral oil.  I'm trying to stay away from harsh chemicals in my beauty products, and it has made a difference with my hair, along with eating better, drinking plenty of water, and exercising.

Each Superfoods Collection comes with:

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Treatment Masque

  • Repair Leave-In

  • Curling Cream

  • Curl Activator

  • Revitalizing Gel

That's quite the collection; hair products for every step you need to achieve clean, luscious, curly hair!

Check out below the three sets of Cantu's Superfood Collection:

Avocado Hair Collection

Cantu Beauty's Avocado Haircare Collection

Acai Berry Hair Collection

Cantu Beauty's Acai Berry Haircare Collection

Grapeseed Hair Collection

Cantu Beauty's Grapeseed Haircare Collection

Get Cantu's Grapeseed Hair Collection

There is even a Flaxseed Collection as well.

So, you may be wondering, what are my thoughts about this hair collection, and had Cantu improved?

I'm happy to report that I loved everything I received!  Not only did the hair products deeply absorbed into my hair without leaving white residue behind, but they also left my hair with a shiny bounce all day.  

There was no need to use every single product to achieve my curly do, only using the curl cream was enough to create the curly hair look I wanted.

My favorites out of the collections are the masque, leave-in conditioner, and curl cream.  All creams are profoundly moisturizing and creamy, restoring strands to their healthiest state; a little goes a long way.  During the warm months, all these creams help keeps hair hydrated all day long.

I thought the shampoos and conditioners were average but still made my hair clean and soft.

Now, my favorite scent from the three collections was the Grapeseed.  I love a fresh, fruity scent!

Revisiting Cantu Beauty: Trying Out their New Superfoods Collection

I'm so happy that I gave Cantu another chance, or I wouldn't have known about this hair collection or would have bypassed it due to me upset with their kid's hair products.

This is a lesson; even though something may not be my likely, don't count them out and give them another chance.  Give constructive criticism so that changes can be made.

Cantu's new hair collection is now one of my favorite go-to hair brands!  So glad I revisited them!

Oh, and by the way, I used this hair collection on my daughters' hair too, and their hair came out lovely.  They mainly use the gel for their wash-and-go hairstyles, giving their curls a defined look without the crunch or hardness.  Plus, no build-up at all.  Each day, they add some water to refresh their hair until it's time to rewash their hair.

Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Cantu Beauty, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links.

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