(Video) Try International Snacks Monthly: Munch Addict Review

Try International Snacks Monthly: Munch Addict Review

One of my favorite types of subscription boxes is the ones that you can try out foods from different countries.  Instead of hopping on a plane to go to another country to experience their variety of delicacy, you can save money on plane tickets, hotel, etc., and get a box full of tasty goodies sent to you at your doorstep every month.

Usually, my girls and I try out subscription boxes of snacks, toys, and treats from Japan but this time we got to explore the world of International snacks from Munch Addict, a new snack subscription box with snacks delivered monthly.

No more of the same old boring everyday snacks, but instead tasting unique snacks that you would have never thought of.

At Munch Addict, you get tasty treats from countries like Thailand, Canada, Trinidad, Korea, Japan, Lithuania, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Mexico, and many more!  Munch Addict scours the globe regularly, looking for the most unique and delicious snacks to pack in their boxes.

There are many snacks in the boxes for everyone's taste buds, from sweet gummy candies, chips, chocolates, and even drinks!  So, you get a great mixture of snacks to munch on.

How Munch Addict Works

Each box has several snacks inside:

  • Standard Box - 5 Snacks

  • Premium Box - 10 Snacks

  • Deluxe Box -15 Snacks

  • Motherload Box - 60 snacks (15 Kinds x 4)

Munch Addict split that between snack food (chips, crackers, cookies, etc.). They look for a blend of unique, tasty, and new snacks to include in your box, so between each month, you should receive fresh snacks that are different from the previous month.  Check out their subscribe page for affordable pricing.

Try International Snacks Monthly: Munch Addict Review

I got ahold of one of these boxes myself, and I tried out all the snack options inside that I received, and I must say, this one by far was the best snack box I have ever tried!  The snacks didn't have me gagging from the taste, and pretty much all the snacks I tried were quite good.  Take a look at my video below.

I tried out the Deluxe Munch Addict Snack Box, which has 15 snacks plus a drink.  You get a pamphlet of what each snack is and what country it's from.  Check out what I got:

Maynards Fuzzy Peach from Canada

Maynards Fuzzy Peach

Chewy peach flavored gummies with a perfect balance of sweet and sour- Canada

Candbury Crunchie from Canada

Cadbury Crunchie

A golden honeycomb center surrounded by delicious milk chocolate- Canada

Sunshine Zoomers from Trinidad

Sunshine Zoomers

Crispy cheese flavored wheels- Trinidad

Pergale Dark Chocolate Mango from Lituania

Pergale Dark Chocolate Mango

Premium dark chocolate bar with a sweet mango filling- Lithuania

Z Roll Fried Shrimp w/ Salad Cream from Thailand

Z Roll Fried Shrimp w/ Salad Cream

A potato cracker wrapped in crispy seaweed- Thailand

Kartika Toast Soesnack from Indonesia

Kartika Toast Soesnack

Crispy biscuit puffs with a creamy chocolate filling- Indonesia

Cadbury Caramilk from Canada

Cadbury Caramilk

Milk chocolate with a caramel center- Canada

Sunshine Chee Zees Jalapeno from Trinidad

Sunshine Chee Zees Jalapeno

Crunchy Cheesy jalapeno flavored chips- Trinidad

Tiki Gold Coconut Craze from Trinidad

Tiki Gold Coconut Craze

Coconut flavor chocolate wafer bar- Trinidad

Deka Wafer UBE Flavor from Indonesia

Deka Wafer UBE Flavor

Crispy mini wafer rolls with a sweet ube (purple yam) filling- Indonesia

Mychew Apply Flavor from Korea

Mychew Apple Flavor

Soft, chewy apple-flavored candy- Korea

Milk Chewy Melon Flavor from Indonesia

Milk Chewy Melon Flavor

Soft, chewy melon flavored candy- Indonesia

Koikeya Norishio Sticks from Japan

Koikeya Norishio Sticks

Salt and seaweed flavored potato stick chips- Japan

Bourbon Petit from Japan

Bourbon Petit

Ume Konbu Chip- salted plum and seaweed flavor or Usuyaki Wasabi- Wasabi flavored cracker chip- Japan

Bon Chance Salami Bread Crisps from Lithuania

Bon Chance Salami Bread Crisps

Salami flavored crouton/chips- Lituania

Chilsung Cider from Korea

Chilsung Cider

Lemon & lime carbonated beverage- Korea

Munch Addict is such a fun snack box to learn more about different countries' snacks and compare snacks you eat from America.  These boxes are great for families, gifts, and even for companies to treat their employees.  

Tour the world of snacks at Munch Addict!

Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Munch Addict, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Which International snack would you like to try out?

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