Traveling During COVID-19 to Orlando, FL

Gaylord Palms Balcony

Hey, y'all!  I wanted to share a bit about our experience traveling to Orlando, Florida, during COVID-19.  We recently took a quick trip to celebrate Lauren's 15th birthday, plus, needed an escape from our regular routines.

Mr. M came up with the idea of going to Orlando, which I'm quite surprised he has been the one planning trips lately instead of me.  I haven't been too keen on traveling with the virus going on, but since Lauren wanted to do something fun for her birthday, and we needed a change of scenery, I was okay with it.

Now, the only thing, "What will we do with our guinea pigs?"  

Orlando's drive is over 7 hours from where we live near Atlanta, and I don't think the guinea pigs would do well with such a long ride there and back.  So, we had them boarded at their vet for a few days.

Gaylord Palms, Orlando Florida

Mr. M booked us a room at the Gaylord Palms since it's a massive resort with so much to do for families just if we couldn't find anything to do in Orlando, and instead stay at the resort the whole time.  We enjoyed our stay at Gaylord's Nashville location, so we knew that Gaylord Palms would be just as lovely and keep us entertained.

Gaylord Palms Inside Look

Gaylord Palms Inside Look

Gaylord Palms Inside Look

Gaylord Palms Inside Look

The Gaylord Palms is a breathtaking resort with many amenities, shops, and on-site restaurants inside the glass atriums. Plus, fun activities for the kids throughout the day. The decor inside is based on famous locations in Florida, like Key West and St. Augustine.  

Gaylord Palms Inside Look

Gaylord Palms Inside Look

I noticed the resort didn't have many guests during our stay, which was great for social-distancing and peace.

Also, there was a strict rule for staying at Gaylord Palms; you must wear a mask at all times, except when you're in your room.  And they made sure that masks were worn too because they caught Michelle a couple of times with her mask off and not covering her nose.

Inside the Gaylord Palms

I noticed with the rule changes to protect their guests, Gaylord employees thoroughly cleaning throughout the day.  I appreciate this, making myself and my family feel safe.  They even had hand sanitizer and wipes for guests to use in their rooms.   

Disney Springs in Orlando Florida

Coca-Cola Roof Bar at Disney Springs Florida

Off the property at nearby Disney Springs, they are working to keep guests safe by doing temperature checks and wearing masks unless guests are eating and drinking.  

Visiting Disney Springs with a mask on felt like you're going to suffocate in that Florida humidity.  I wish they had dedicated areas to remove masks to take in the fresh air.  That's why we didn't do any amusement parks due to wearing masks in the heat.  We don't want to suffer from heat exhaustion.

Pretty much, everywhere we went, places were abiding by the rules.  Well, except for one restaurant (I won't put them on blast).  It was like we stepped foot in a club with a DJ, people dancing all around, no one social distancing, hardly no one wearing masks. I guess folks just don't care. However, the waitstaff had on protective gear.  

Our time in Orlando was fantastic!  Lauren loved bringing in her big day at Sugar Factory.  The food was basic, meaning, not all that, but she enjoyed the decorative desserts and her birthday turn-up there, where they put a sparkler in her dessert and play the song of her choice through the loudspeaker.

Sugar Factory Orlando Color Mini Burgers with Duck

Steak and Lobster Tail at Sugar Factory Orlando

Steak Sandwich at Sugar Factory Orlando

Birthday Turn-Up at Sugar Factory Orlando

Barbie Milkshake at Sugar Factory Orlando

Peach Candy Tea at Sugar Factory Orlando

Also, Lauren loved having a shopping spree at her favorite outlets in Orlando.

So far, traveling during COVID hasn't been too bad.  I noticed a difference between the two locations we travel to thus far.

The Smoky Mountains recommends guests to wear masks but noticed it's not strictly enforced.  So, it's up to visitors to protect themselves.

And with Orlando, it's strictly enforced and will make sure all guests are wearing a mask in public places and social-distancing or take the risk of being asked to leave.

It sad to see tourism down and businesses losing money and closing.  Hopefully, it can recover soon, and the virus goes away.

I won't be traveling as much as I use to, but when I find the time, and it doesn't interrupt my daughters' schooling, I'll squeeze in some trips while keeping safe.

Henna in Orlando

Henna in Orlando

Know this, do what's best to protect you and your family.  If you don't feel safe traveling, you don't have to.  And if you do, check out safety guidelines that are put into place before visiting the destination. 

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Have you been traveling during the pandemic? 

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