Are Store Brand Feminine Products Worth it? Walgreens Feminine Care Review

Are Store Brand Feminine Products Worth it?  Walgreens Feminine Care Review

I often speak about beauty products on my blog and how I enjoy saving money by buying store brand items. I recently talked about a store brand beauty care line that offers quality products that customers can afford with a unique brand experience coupled with everyday indulgence. Today, let's chat about store brand feminine hygiene products, and if they are worth it.

Did you know that feminine hygiene store brand products perform just as well as national brands, plus saving you money every month?

Walgreens has a feminine product line that gives high quality and value, not to mention their care line are free from elemental chlorine bleaching, parabens, phthalates, and other harmful ingredients.

Check out some of what Walgreens brand has to offer:

Walgrrens Ultra-Thin Flexi-Wings Nighttime Pads

Walgreens Ultra Thin Super Long Flexi-Wings Pads

Feminine Care Sanitary Pads- Feminine Care Sanitary Pads focus on your skin's health with Dri-Fit breathable layer and a cotton enhanced top sheet so that your skin feels dry. Ultra-Thin and Maxi pads are available in 5 sizes. (Compared to Always Brand)

Walgreens Super Ultra Thin Foam Flexi-Wings Fitfoam Pads

Walgreens Foam Pads- Walgreens Foam Pads are currently available in Size's 1 & 2, coming in unscented and scented. (Compared to Always Infinity)

Walgreens Multipack Perfection Silk Tampons

Walgreens Perfection Silk Tampons- Walgreens Perfection Silk Tampons are available in Regular, Super, and Super Plus. They offer a variety of multipacks that best works for your needs. (Compare to Tampax Pearl)

Are Store Brand Feminine Products Worth it?  Walgreens Feminine Care Review

Walgreens has plenty of other feminine hygiene products that are just as good as national brands.

When it comes to feminine hygiene store brand products, I used to think that national brands are always the best, but little did I know of all the chemicals used to create these products.

Just imagine the years of putting the most delicate parts of my body at risk by placing chemicals near and inside myself. Yikes! And if you read the tampon packages, it warns about toxic shock, so that's a clue right there that the ingredients are poisonous.

Taking care of our feminine health is essential, and using products without the added chemicals is vital. Later on in life, you don't want to go through the potential of getting cancer due to the years of using unsafe feminine products.

I applaud Walgreens for creating their brand of feminine hygiene products that are free of harmful ingredients, plus saving their customer money.

Are Store Brand Feminine Products Worth it?  Walgreens Feminine Care Review

Make sure to stop by your local Walgreens or online, and check out their feminine care line.

Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Walgreens, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Do you prefer to use store brand feminine products or the national brands?

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  1. I currently use a national brand because it doesn't cause any issues. But, when I think about it other national brands I've tried probably weren't so great because of the ingredients. I may just have to check out Walgreens brands after reading your post.

    1. Yes, we don't think about all the harsh ingredients in our feminine care products. Definitely give Walgreens a try.

  2. Wow. I have been using Always for years. Never thought about actually looking to see what is in the product. Sounds like its time to make a switch! Way to go for Walgreens for putting women's health first.

    1. Yes, I have been using national brands for years and not giving it any thought about the chemicals in their products. Great job to Walgreens!

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