Spring Cleaning Checklist to Help You Get it Done Quickly

Spring Cleaning Checklist to Help You Get it Done Quickly

The enormity of spring-cleaning can cause even the neatest of neat-freaks to run and hide. There are many ways to make things a bit easier, though. Getting organized is the key to getting your spring-cleaning done as quickly, efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

Create a Plan of Attack

The term “spring cleaning” represents a huge number of tasks that need attention. It is a lot more than a simple once-over; spring-cleaning is a deep cleaning that rids your home of all the accumulated dirt of the past year. This means you will be tackling all the nooks and crannies of every room in your home (and maybe even outside, too); you need to have a good plan of attack so you can get down to business. Decide which tasks need to be accomplished in each room, and make a checklist for those chores. You can purchase a spring-cleaning checklists planner (or get an app for your smartphone) from one of the hundreds of free options online, or you can create your own.

1. Kitchen- Wipe down cabinets and counter tops, deep clean the floors, reseal grout lines, throw away expired foods.

2. Bedrooms and Living room- Wash and shampoo rugs and floor, vacuum, clean out closets, wash and clean bed linen or change for spring season, dust around the room like books, shelves, and ceiling fans, clean pillows.

3. Bathroom- Deep clean the floors, shower and tub, clean to toilets, dust around the counters, throw away old beauty products, stock up on more cleaning supplies, and other home essentials.

4. Garage- Reorganize and get rid of things that you no longer use. Swipe up debris.

5. Windows- Take down window curtains and draperies and get them wash or dry cleaned. Clean windows and window screens.

Assign various tasks to your family members (you should not be tackling this job alone!) and note it on your checklist. It can be much more helpful to have a separate checklist for each room in your home. Tape the appropriate checklist to the door of each room, and it becomes much easier to keep track of what needs to be done and who is responsible.

Family Pizza Night

Providing Incentive

Getting everyone to complete their tasks can be a job in itself; kids usually do not like cleaning, and it is probably not your favorite thing, either. Give yourself and everyone else a little incentive to get things rolling by offering rewards like a family pizza night at the end of the cleaning, and keep things going by offering small rewards for various completion points. Take the time to brainstorm with your family to come up with rewards that everyone will enjoy.

Listen to Music While Spring Cleaning

Keeping the Ball Rolling

Keep a positive attitude and try to motivate everyone to work harder by creating a high-energy atmosphere. Do not be afraid to put on upbeat music and make a big deal of marking off chores from the checklists as they are completed. You will be able to keep track of progress on every room, while also continuing on actual cleaning tasks with a sense of shared accomplishment.

Be Safe

Even if you use the most non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaners, they’re still chemical compounds and should be used with caution. Take a moment to stop and read the instructions for the cleaners you are going to be using. Understand the precautions you need to take and make sure you have enough rubber gloves and goggles for everyone that might need them.


Once all the cleaning is done, have some fun winding down and celebrating your accomplishment. Spring-cleaning is tough, but it can be made easier by creating a comprehensive plan of attack. Good planning, the right tools and great rewards are essential for successful spring cleaning.

What are your best spring cleaning tips?

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