Skincare Products that Protect Skin from Digital Blue Light Exposure

DERMA-E Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum and Blue Light Shield Spray

When it comes to your skin, it's vital to protect it from sun UV rays.  But did you know you also need to help protect your skin from blue light exposure caused by digital devices?

Not only is blue light exposure is harmful to your eyes, causing eye strain and irritated eyes, but also can cause skin damage as well.

What Does Digital Blue Light Exposure from Devices do to Skin?

Digital devices transmit blue light that can cause damage to the skin by losing its elasticity, collagen, hyaluronic acid.  Blue Light Exposure causes harm by making skin age prematurely.  So, each time you look at your phone, computer, and tablet, it is aging you.

I use both cell phone and computer every single day, and I didn't know the effects it is doing to my skin, besides my eyes.

Are there Products to Protect Skin from Digital Blue Light Exposure?

Now, there are computer glasses to help block the digital blue light from eyes, but what about your skin?  Are there products to give protection too?

Yes, there is!

DERMA-E has two new innovative purifying protection line of proven clean beauty products.  These nutrient-rich formulas, with shielding Lutein, moisturizing Blue Green Algae, and detoxifying Activated Charcoal, and energizing Ginseng Extract, work to protect skin from blue light exposure caused by devices.

DERMA-E Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum

Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum-  This concentrated mineral-rich serum delivers skin-boosting moisture to help defend against environmental aggressors while neutralizing the look of photo-aging, reviving skin's appearance.

After use, you notice how nourishing this serum is and giving the skin deep moisture and softness.  Skin will glow all healthy and bright, reversing the damage caused by the blue light exposure.

Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum must be applied on a clean face and neck during the mornings and evenings.  It can be used alone, or along with your favorite moisturizers.

DERMA-E Blue Light Shield Spray

Blue Light Shield Spray-  This spray is the Blue Light Savior!  Enriched with Lutein to help shield skin from blue light, this mineral-rich spray nourishes, rebalances, and revives stressed skin.  Also, the Blue-Green Algae Extract delivers skin-boosting moisture, while the Activated Charcoal uplifts dull, tired skin.  And, Ginseng Root re-energizes and brightens your complexion.

I lightly mist this shield spray on my face and neck after my makeup application as a setting spray.  It can also be used anytime your skin needs a boost throughout the day.

So remember, before you make a phone call or start scrolling through your social media feed, make sure to apply both DERMA-E Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum and Blue Light Shield Spray to your skin.  Trust me, your skin will thank you for it by giving you years of healthy, vibrant, rejuvenation.

Before I go, DERMA-E creates a variety of different skincare products for various skincare concerns.  Make sure to check out their other skincare lineup I have featured on this blog.

Disclosure: I am a DERMA-E ambassador, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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