The Most Underrated Places to go in Florida

The Most Underrated Places to go in Florida

No doubt Florida is home to some of the most amazing beaches and alluring sunsets in the world but there are a lot of underrated places in Florida. These underrated places in Florida have always been under the radar and now it’s time to showcase these beautiful towns and beaches to the international world. Whenever we see the list of underrated places in Florida, we have many options there.

Alongside famous beaches and resorts, there are several fishing towns and beaches that have been away from the tourists’ reach and these underrated places are still in their original shape. The ambiance and the beauty of these places are the best things to see in Florida. These beaches and places are not spoiled by tourists so if you want to visit a beautiful yet peaceful place in Florida, stay with us, and we will make sure that you enjoy your best time.

1. Devil's Millhopper

If you are not in the mood for hiking up the mountains, you can hike down the sinkholes in Florida. It is one of the biggest parks in the state but you will see no significant number of visitors in this place. This park is located in northwest Gainesville. The ideal location of this park provides the best peaceful natural environment and you can spend the best time here.

This park has a lot to offer for its visitors and visitors can enjoy picnicking, hiking and the natural views of wildlife. There is just a little fee of $4 per vehicle and a maximum of 8 people can benefit from one ticket. So, if city life does not attract you the most, Devil’s Millhopper can be a perfect destination for you. 

2. St. Augustine

If you want to visit America’s oldest city then St. Augustine must be the first pick on your travel list. This city is somehow underrated as it is not the most famous travel destination in Florida. St. Augustine is located on the northeast coast, the perfect location, of Florida. This under the radar city is full of ancient history that every tourist would love to explore.

The main attraction of this city is the unique architecture of the city and the ancient history that is still in the original shape. The authorities have preserved the ambiance and the history of the city. It is not just about the buildings and history but the natural views of St. Augustine are also going to offer you the best peaceful time. 

3. Apalachicola

If your goal is to enjoy the magical sunset in a peaceful environment then Apalachicola is there for you. This is a quiet area in North Florida as not so many visitors visit this quiet village. When you enter this village, you will feel that you have traveled back to old Florida. The hospitality of the locals is something that you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

There are a lot of awesome things to do in Apalachicola. First of all, you cannot afford to skip the world famous seafood here. After that, get out of your luxury hotel room and explore the streets of the town. The ancient buildings look like the scene from an ancient movie. The water park provides the best entertainment and if you are not in the mood for adventure, just lay down and enjoy the view of the sunset and traditional boats. 

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4. Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island offers a peaceful environment away from the hustle bustle of city life. If you ask for any special point to visit in 2019 where you can enjoy the best time of your life, we will suggest you visit the most amazing beaches of Caladesi Island State Park. This Caladesi Island State Park is the perfect location for people who want to spend some time on the peaceful beaches of Florida.

Caladesi Island State Park is located on the Island of Caladesi in the Gulf of Mexico. It is located in the west of Dunedin, Florida. If you want to search for the perk of Florida in a single place, it is going to be the best choice. Caladesi Island State Park is located in the north of Clearwater Beach.

5. Amelia Island

Small towns are going to offer a peaceful environment and natural views that you may not enjoy in cities and famous resorts. There are many underrated places in Florida that are beautiful and full of views but still, people don’t know about these places. Amelia Island is one of those underrated places that are small in size but full of natural beauty.

This small town is located on the northernmost eastern border of Florida. If you ever visit this Island, you can stop by the longest operating Saloon in Florida for a drink. Sand of the Island is full of treasures like shark teeth, snails and many other precious sea items. You can take a sail to see the main attractions of the town and this sail is going to be the best time of your life that you have ever spent on any destination. 

6. Naples

There are many places in the world that are not famous and people don’t even know about these locations and places. Visitors visit famous places and these famous resorts or beaches are always full of people. You cannot enjoy some peaceful time at these famous places. Florida is also one of the best destinations to visit in 2019. Beaches are always full of people as millions of tourists visit here to enjoy the vacation.

Naples is one of the most underrated places in Florida that is under the radar of the tourists. Here, life is slow but peaceful. This town has gorgeous beaches and magical sunsets. The beaches are famous for soft sand that feels like a soft carpet under your feet. Walking on the beaches is the best hobby of visitors in Naples.

If you are planning your next tour to Florida, make sure that you visit these underrated places.

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