Enter into Paradise at Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge

Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge with Zelda

So y'all, I didn't share about the beginning of our spring break trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, however, if you haven't read about the other things we did make sure to check out:

My spring break was a mixture of business and leisure trip, and I love the fact that although my trips are mainly for business now, my family can tag along with me to join in on the fun too.

Dollywood Festival in Pigeon Forge

If you haven't heard the announcement yet, I was chosen to be 2019 Dollywood Collaborator!  I was so excited when Dollywood approached me to share about all things Dollywood with my readers and fans.  The opportunity is perfect for me since I talk about Dollywood anyways, and it's my top favorite place to take my family trips.  Now, I can know about Dollywood in a deeper leveler and giving you all the information to make an unforgettable vacation at Dollywood.

So, this year, expect a lot of information about what's in store for Dollywood, and I'll be visiting this award-winning theme park throughout the year.

So, back to the beginning of our spring break...

We waited for Mr. M to return home from New Orleans after he did a show there before we hit the road to Pigeon Forge, TN.

Mr. M was extremely tired pulling an all-nighter driving home from New Orleans to Atlanta.  Once he arrived home, he quickly unpacked, repacked, showered, and we were off to the Smokies!

The Great Smoky Mountains Snow

The Great Smoky Mountains Snow

Mr. M slept the whole ride, and even missed the unexpected snow we drove through when we were genuinely up high in the mountains.  He was snoring away, and the girls and I did a quick stop to play in the fluffy flurry.  The snow was powdery soft, and we ended up molding it into golf balls and throwing it at each other creating a mini snow fight.

But we couldn't play in the snow for long, we were headed straight to Dollywood, for my media assignment.

After our 3 1/2 hour drive, we arrived at Dollywood, and I noticed the parking lot empty.  Hmm...Dollywood parking is never empty whenever we visit, where are all the people?

Come to find out, Dollywood was closed that Tuesday due to their festival schedule.

I didn't mind the closure since Mr. M was very tired; however, we couldn't check into our hotel yet until after 4 pm, and the time we arrived at Dollywood was about 2 pm.

So, we used that opportunity to drive down the street from Dollywood to visit Parrot Mountain and Garden of Eden.  We were going to visit Parrot Mountain the following day anyway, so why not knock it off our list right then.

Enter into Paradise at Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge

Mr. M was still tired as heck but still managed to hang with the girls and I around Parrot Mountain for about an hour before he headed back in the car to count more Zzz's.

Colorful Parrot at Pigeon Forge

Parrot Mountain is one of our favorite travel destinations to visit each time we go to Pigeon Forge.  We love learning and getting up close to different birds.  Our favorite part is touching, feeding, and holding all the variety of colorful parrots from around the world.

Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge Nursery

Parrot Mountain is a family-owned business that has peaceful Bible inspired gardens and offering chances to interact with rare birds.

Parrort Mountain in Pigeon Forge Bible Scripture

The grounds are very beautifully done, and like walking steps into paradise.  The pathways lead you to different sections of gardens that house birds that you can get up close with.

Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge Baby Parrot

The girls and I quickly went into the nursery first to check out the baby birds that were recently born, then walk our way to the parrot cottage to interact with all the older birds.  We make sure to greet our favorites like Charlie and Zelda, also falling in love with other birds we meet too.

Parrot eating at Parrot Mountain

Playing with Baby Parrots at Parrot Mountain

The reason why we visit Parrot Mountain each year is that it's a tranquil place that helps to bring relaxation, clears my mind, and brings me at ease.  Do you know how when you go on vacation you want to return refreshed?  That's how Parrot Mountain makes me feel.  It's a great escape.

Parrots at Parrot Mountain

Although the luscious landscaping is human-made, it's something about it that makes me feel like I stepped into a heavenly-kingdom.  It feels like an actual tropical island nestled secretly inside the Smoky Mountains.

Peacock at Parrot Mountain

We stayed until the place closed, being one of the last guests to leave.  As always, we can't wait to return!

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Do you like playing with birds?

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