How We Celebrated The Big Game in Atlanta (Check Out Video Inside)

How We Celebrated The Big Game in Atlanta (Check Out Video Inside)  via

Atlanta was poppin' last week with all the different attractions, parties, concerts, and celebrity sightings going on around town because of the Super Bowl 53 being here and I managed to do not one thing NFL related and that's because of me fighting a nasty head cold (well, I did do one thing).

I was invited to a couple of events, like doing media coverage for Cynthia Bailey from Atlanta Housewives at Lenox Mall for a new store opening, also interview the cast of American Soul, BET’s latest scripted drama series chronicling the untold rise of Soul Train.  I would have loved to do both, but I didn't feel 100 percent to do it.  Plus, I got the invite to do both the day of the event.  My weekend was already planned, and I didn't want to change it since we were celebrating Lauren getting on Honor Roll during the fall semester of school.

Saturday, we were going to visit Super Bowl Experience at the World Congress Center, but those ticket prices were high the day before the Big Game, and I felt that my girls wouldn't enjoy themselves since they're not into football.  Also, with the massive crowds all around, I think that would've overwhelmed Lauren making her want to return home.  The weekend was all about celebrating her achievements in school anyway, so it was up to her what we would do for the weekend.

Although we didn't do the Super Bowl activities downtown, nearby cities offered their own Big Game festivities of their own.  Every business close to Atlanta wanted the piece of the action and money.

How We Celebrated The Big Game in Atlanta (Check Out Video Inside)  via

A local museum near my house invited us to visit their Pre-Game party doing football related stuff in fun, but educational way.

How We Celebrated The Big Game in Atlanta (Check Out Video Inside)  via

The girls configured circuit boards to have their voices heard on the radio just like radio announcers and played with robots on a mini-football field trying to have their robots make it to the End Zone.

How We Celebrated The Big Game in Atlanta (Check Out Video Inside)  via

The event was complete with a Fido Bowl, similar to the Puppy Bowl of dogs on site that needs a forever home.  Michelle was begging for me to adopt this particular dog, but our home is not suitable for a four-legged pet since we live in a three story townhome with steep stairs and our backyard is not fenced in.  Plus, we travel too much, and it would be unfair always to leave our dog behind.  Having a dog is a big commitment, and I don't see my girls picking up after a dog when it uses the restroom, they'll be grossed out.

How We Celebrated The Big Game in Atlanta (Check Out Video Inside)  via

Since the girls want a dog so badly, we may volunteer at a local animal shelter over the summer and doing this will show them all the work having a pet requires.

And, look at this, the girls forced me to do karaoke!  I sounded horrible, but at least I faced my fears of singing in front of people.  I managed to embarrassed them, but they were the ones that made me get on that stage and sing a song I barely knew, so of course, I was going to sound like a hot mess!  But all in good fun, I enjoyed myself.

How We Celebrated The Big Game in Atlanta (Check Out Video Inside)  via

We worked up an appetite after the Pre-Game party at the museum and went to Pao Pao Ramen Factory & Bar per Lauren's request.  We have never dined at this ramen bar before, but glad we did!  Our Noodle bowls were delicious with full of spicy flavors mixed in with broccoli pieces, hard boiled cut up eggs, and thin noodles.  Since I have been under the weather, my spicy steak ramen bowl helped loosen up my congestion.  And I washed it down a sweet Boba Milk Tea!  Yum!  This will be our newest spot when we need hot soup during the cold winter months.

Sunday, the day of the Big Game we did our regular, make garlic wings, and prepared nachos while watching the game in the comfort of our own home.

This particular game matchup we weren't that interested, but since Atlanta is the host this year, we wanted to see how our city would do Super Bowl.

Well, this game will go down in history as the lowest scoring, boring, underwhelming halftime show ever!  I felt like I was cheated of hours of my life!

Now, we have the Big Game behind us, and visitors are returning home.  Please, for those who came for the game, WE ARE FULL!  Don't come moving here!

Next stop, the Big Game will be hosted in Miami!  That should be fun since that city is known for their nightlife.

Did you watch the game?

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  1. Sang girl! Aw, I hate that you didn't get to do much. The events sound like they were really fun. I'm sure they're will be something else big down the pike for you.

    1. HAHA! Thanks Sis! Yeah, you know Atlanta is always having big events, there is always next time.

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