Top 8 Online Shopping Websites That Actually Saves You Money

Top 8 Online Shopping Websites That Actually Saves You Money

Do you like shopping online but wish there was a way that you could save even more money just for doing it?

You’re in luck!

Today I’m sharing with you eight online shopping websites that will save you money. These websites are prefect for holiday shopping, gift shopping, grocery shopping, clothe shopping, and more! Not only does these websites help you find deals to save money, but these online shopping websites gives you cash back! A win-win! Check these free shopping websites out!

Rakuten is one of the veteran cashback websites. As a long-standing site in this niche, they feature a ton of stores that will give you cash back rewards. I recommend this site because they have some cool perks:

  • $10 Sign on Bonus: New members of Rakuten can get a $10 sign on bonus in the form of a Walmart Gift Card or a $10 Rakuten Cash Bonus.

  • Up to 40% Cash Back: While not every store will offer you a 40% cash back offer, the offers can go as high as 40% returned to you for shopping through Rakuten.

Also, you can make money with Rakuten by joining their paid Panel.  Learn more about Rakuten Panel.

Shopkick like Rakuten, allows you to shop and get a portion of your money returned simply for doing it through their site. However, with their app, you’re not only able to enjoy online shopping but you can do in-store shopping for rewards as well. Below are some of the perks you can expect from Shopkick:

  • Gift Card Redemption: While they don’t offer cash like some of the other sites on this list, they do allow you to cash out via gift card. For example, you could cash out your kicks for Amazon or even Groupon gift cards.

  • Great Selection of Stores: Thanks to their in-store feature, Shopkick can partner with stores such as 7 Eleven, Pep Boys and even Hallmark.

3. Ibotta
Ibotta is the online shopping app that allows you to earn cash on everyday purchases. The best part is when you first sign up you get a $10 welcome bonus.

The reason I recommend this app is because you get the following perks:

  • Cash: You don’t have to deal with points or credits like with some other apps. Instead, you can cash out your rewards via PayPal or Venmo.

  • Hundreds of Store Options: Ibotta has hundreds of stores that they partner with. Therefore, your favorite stores are probably already registered with them.

Like Ibotta, Dollar Dig is another online shopping website that you want to have in your rotation. They offer cash back rebates on your purchases and they have more than 3,000 stores for you to shop at. Plus, just for signing up they’ll start you off with $2.50.

The reason I recommend this app is because:
  • Low Cash out Minimum: You only need to have $25 in cash to cash out via Dollar Dig. Some sites have thresholds as high as $100.

  • They Provide Coupons: On top of getting cash back by shopping through their site, they also provide exclusive coupons that allow you to save on your order in general.

Swagbucks is the site most people think about when they hear the term “cashback website”. This site has been around for years and offers the following perks:

  • Referral Bonuses: In addition to earning cashback on your purchases, you can also earn rewards for referring friends and family to their platform. One perk is you get 10% percent of your referrals earnings for life.

  • Swag Codes: Swag Codes are found in your email, social media, and even sent to you on your birthday, which is basically free cash. You enter the code and see how many Swag Bucks you get.

6. Drop
Drop’s motto is earning money when shopping should be a breeze. With this app, you’re able to swipe, tap, and scan your way to earning rewards each time you use your debit or credit card. You can earn rewards from a variety of online and offline purchases such as Uber, The Body Shop, and Sephora.

FlipGive offers a suite of free tools for teams to make and manage money. Teams earn cashback toward expenses, balance the budget, accept fee payments, open a team account through us, and more. Managers and parents save time and energy while lowering the cost to play.

Top Cashback gives all new users a $10 sign on bonus for joining their cashback website. You can cash out via PayPal and Amazon or American Express gift cards. You will need to reach $20 to cash out, however, they provide decent cashback rates, so it’ll take you no time to reach this threshold if you primarily do your shopping online.

Final Thoughts on Online Shopping Websites That Actually Save You Money

Online shopping is not only convenient but as you can see with these eight websites you can save some money in the process as well. Make sure to check these sites out and see if they are a fit for your lifestyle or even just sign up for them all since it is free to do so.

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Disclosure- Post contains affiliate links

What is your favorite online shopping website that actually saves you money?

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  1. A couple new ones I haven't heard of, and plan to try. Thanks a bunch Lou! Hugs...RO

    1. Hey RO!! You're welcome! You know I'm always on the hunt for deals, and free stuff! *Hugs*

  2. I use Ibotta daily. Some shopping trips are good, earning me around $5-$10 bucks, then others I only earn a few cents. It's done me well though.

    1. Ibotta is a very good app. I need to start using it again.

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