Best Spots to Admire the Fall Foliage

Best Spots to Admire the Fall Foliage  via

For many people, fall is the best time of year. The weather isn’t too cold yet, in most places, and we have gotten rid of all the hot heat of the summer.  Additionally, for a few weeks all the colors turn into brilliant, vibrant colors, before transitioning into the bare trees of winter. The US has some incredible spots for anyone who wants a memorable fall experience and to be able to admire the fall foliage.
I’ve compiled some of the best spots around the country if you want to view the true majesty of this special season.

Lake Placid, New York

Imagine almost 200 miles of autumn colors. The Lake Placid area is famed for its colors because of the combination of aspen, oaks, maples, and more. The best time to visit Lake Placid is from the start of October to about the middle of October.
There’s even a scenic train ride, if you’d rather sample fall at Lake Placid in a different way.

Oakland, Maryland

Many would agree that Oakland is the best town in America for viewing fall. The Swallow Falls State Park, where the best views are, is a mere nine miles north of town. With miles and miles of pine, you’ll see gold, orange, and red mixed in with the greens of the trees that never change.
They even have a five-day festival during October, called the Autumn Glory Festival.

Stowe, Vermont

Think autumn and you think Vermont. To be brutally honest, you can go practically anywhere in Vermont and you’ll come back with some special memories.
If I had to choose one town I would choose the town of Stowe. It’s surrounded by the sugar maples and hemmed in by two mountain ranges. Some of the best views are to be found here from the end of September until the middle of October.
You may even want to experience Stowe Oktoberfest.

Savannah, Georgia

You can even go down south and find some amazing spots to admire the fall foliage. One such place is Savannah, Georgia. The reason this makes the list is because Savannah is a place of real Southern hospitality you’re not going to find elsewhere (including in the rest of the south). With great food, beautiful buildings, and a season filled with various festivals this is a great place to go leaf touring.

Whitefish, Minnesota

Contrasts are what really makes fall the best season. One of the perfect contrasts is found in Whitefish, Minnesota. This small place is the entrance to the Glacier National Park. You’ll find golden aspen sitting right alongside an army of evergreens.
The size of the mountains and the array of trees around Whitefish Lake definitely make the perfect time for a photo. You can drive along Highway 35 around the eastern edge of the lake throughout September and October.

Estes Park, Colorado

Just outside the famous Rocky Mountain National Park is Estes Park. If you want to see something more than colorful leaves you’ve come to the right place. The bull elk and bighorn sheep throughout the middle of September to the end of the month is an excellent excuse to view some wildlife.
The peaks of the mountains are covered by golden aspen, giving everything a shimmer of gold. As fall goes on, this color only becomes more striking.
Stick around until the end of September and you’ll be able to attend the Autumn Gold Festival.

Planning Your Trip to Admire Fall Foliage

Planning your trip to these hotspots is tough because this is also when a lot of tourists tend to visit. To avoid disappointment, you should book your accommodation well in advance. A lot of people are left without accommodation because they assume these places won’t be busy after the summer season. They couldn’t be more wrong.
Diligent planning is the key to making the most out of these spots. And when it comes to flights you can save a lot of money by making sure you book everything in advance.

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Where would you most like to visit so you can admire the fall foliage? Make sure you tell us some of your favorite spots in the comments below.

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