How to Sell Your Old Clothes in 2024

How to Sell Your Old Clothes

Cleaning out the wardrobe is something that most do not do until there is no room for new items. When you have clothes sitting in a closet for years, consider selling some of them. There are multiple options for selling old clothes as clothing has multiple uses. Old fabric can be used for quilting, cleaning, recycled and reimagined or provided for families in need.

Local for Sale Groups

Most local areas have social media groups with items for sale. This is an ideal platform to use as you can meet in a well-lit, public area to complete your sale. Meeting in-front of a police department or store with front video surveillance is ideal for safety purposes. 


Etsy allows users to create stores to sell personally made crafts and other handmade items. Items in new and used condition are sold on this platform. Someone on the other side of the world may be looking for a piece of clothing that you have for sale. This is an ideal option for making sure that your old clothes go to a home that wants them. 


Selling a bulk-lot of clothes is ideal on eBay. Single items tend to stay at auction or with a “buy it now” price for a long period of time. Groups of clothing, or complete outfits have better results as buyers are getting more for their money. 

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops do charge a small fee for using their space and time. It is a good option for those that have designer pieces, or items that trend often, but do not have the time to sell items themselves. You can opt to consign your clothes for a specific period of time or until the item sells. This is similar to a thrift shop, except that the items coming in are not donated, they are “borrowed and for sale”, so-to-speak.

Vintage Clothing Stores

Some resale shops will purchase old clothes, such as Plato’s Closet as an example. While you will only get a portion of what the item is actually worth (similar to a pawn shop), it is an easier option to rid your closet of old clothes. In this situation, name brand items and items that were expensive at purchase are the most desirable. 

Theater Production Companies

Consider selling your old clothes to local theater production companies. The items can be used for costumes or to make set props with. Rather than purchasing new clothing items, smaller companies look for donations or cheaply priced used clothes. You may be able to make a good deal with the production company based on the types of clothes you have to get rid of. 

Clothes rarely sell at yard sales, so it is best to take a different approach. Unless you advertise brands and show photos for yard sales, no one is going to be excited about racks or piles of clothes on the front lawn. Get creative and market your clothes to the groups of society that they would appeal to most for better selling success. 

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How do you sell your old clothing?

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  1. I usually donate clothing as it takes too much time with consignment shops. However, hubby just donated suits worth over hundreds of dollars to the vets but am sure they would have fetched a pretty penny at a consignment shop.

    1. I'm the same way. However, my daughters sell their clothes and keep the money to themselves.

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