Schools Out for Summer!

Schools Out for Summer!  via

And so it begins!  Summer break!  Woo Hoo!  I feel like I'm on break from school too because when they're in school, so am I dealing with all their school work and me participating in their school activities.  I am whooped! 😫

I can't believe I now have a 6th and 5th grader!  Time is flying fast; in 7 to 8 years the girls will be graduating high school.  I wish there were a slow down button I can press so the girls can stay young much longer.

Schools Out for Summer!  via

Lauren's graduation was pretty good, of course, the best part was Lauren receiving her certificate of completing the 5th grade.

5th grade for her was a bit tough with all the distractions going on in our personal life like Mr. M's car accident, us moving to our new home, and some other things, so her grades did take a bit of a drip.

Schools Out for Summer!  via

This summer, she and I will be working on her academics, so she'll excel the 6th grade.  Middle school will have a lot of work thrown at her, so I want to make sure she is ready for it all and not be overwhelmed.  I already got her workbooks, and we'll be visiting the library regularly for summer time reading.

Same goes for Michelle; I'll be working with her too, to prepare her for 5th grade.  Also, she joined a gymnastic summer camp.  She's looking forward to strengthening her current moves and learning new ones.  And if camp goes well Michelle may continue with classes in the fall.

But for now, I'll be enjoying not turning on the alarm clock and sleeping in.  And the girls better not harass me about going out places for the rest of the week!  Already they had me at a trampoline park yesterday after school to celebrate the end of the school year.  Momma is tired!  😴

As for trips this summer, nothing has been planned yet.  You know we stay always being last-minute when it comes to traveling somewhere.  We may end up going somewhere for Memorial Day, still debating on if we're going to Memphis for 4th of July reunion.  Keep your eyes peeled to my Instagram to see if we do anything.

What are your summer plans?

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  1. I'm so glad to turn off my alarm. My kids have one more day, they get out on Friday.

    I feel you. Between after school activities and such I am worn out and looking forward to these next few weeks of rest. School will be back in before we know it!

  2. Enjoy the break girl! Today I got to sleep, take naps, watch tv. I loved it! But, now the girls are telling me they're bored and want to go somewhere. LOL!

  3. I vaguely remember school days and dance competitions for my daughter. I only wish I had been journaling those wonderful moments. Congratulations to both of the girls for their advancement, and to you as well. Hard work does pay off!

    1. Thanks Regina! I'm always looking back at my old posts of my daughters and it show how far we've come.

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