Immerse Yourself in Summer Hydration With Curel

Immerse Yourself in Summer Hydration With Curel  via

Hey Yall!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  Did you do anything fun?

Us, we took a road trip to rejuvenate our minds, body, and souls.  This trip was last minute, just like almost all our travels.  I'll share about our weekend soon.

With the weather getting hotter, longer summer days, I'm spending a lot of my time outdoors, and now I'm more prone to dry skin.

When my skin feels or looks dry, I apply lotion to help rehydrate.  But I'm noticing I'm constantly reapplying throughout the day.  Meaning, wasting money on lotions that don't even work.

I had to say my goodbyes to Bath and Body Works; their products were notorious for making my skin feel like a brillo pad after 5 minutes.

I have so many Bath and Body Works skincare products I haven't used, should I do a giveaway on my blog?  Maybe someone else has better use of it.

Immerse Yourself in Summer Hydration With Curel  via

Recently, I discovered Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer which is a lotion activated by water on freshly-showered skin and penetrates deeply into the skin’s surface to heal dryness, for soft, healthy skin you can only imagine. It absorbs immediately, and with continued use, it'll help end dry skin.

Sounds good enough right?  This product I had to get my hands on ASAP!

Immerse Yourself in Summer Hydration With Curel  via

So, I took my shower like I regularly do, applied Curél Hydra Therapy on my wet skin rubbing it in until it absorbed, then towel dried myself.

Immerse Yourself in Summer Hydration With Curel  via

The lotion sure does quench the thirst of my skin.  My skin was soft and glowing after use.

However, I still felt like I wanted to add extra lotion on just in case, but I didn't.  I went a whole day without applying my OGX lotion and to my surprise, my skin didn't get dry at all.  My only dislike is the no scent.

If you have dry or severely dry skin I highly recommend Curél Hydra Therapy, your skin will love you for it!  Also, it's dermatologist recommended.

So, add it to your current summer skin routine.

Disclosure: I was provided this product to try out and give my honest opinions.  Post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Do you suffer from dry skin in the summer?

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  1. This sounds like something I need to give a try. With our weather finally broken in the boys are yearning to go to the beach and theme parks and I definitely need something that will keep my skin from drying out.

  2. I keep hand lotion in my purse, feet lotion in my night stand and all day lotion in my linen closet - I will never be accused of being ashy! Have a wonderful weekend sis #PRP

  3. Okay so I tried this and felt like I was slipping ans sliding everywhere. I did like how I didn't need to add anything else.

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