How to Make Passive Income: A List of Ideas in 2024

How to Make Passive Income: A List of Ideas

Who would not like to make money while doing very little work, especially if it is made while you are sleeping? Passive income can help prevent you from needing a second job, especially if you learn how to work the system. Earning passive income has been my #1 way of making money for my blogging business. Here are just a few ideas of different passive income ideas you can look at dipping into.

YouTube Videos

A rapidly growing source of passive income is social media, specifically YouTube. The trick to YouTube is needing to create videos about anything and then upload them. You can link a Google AdSense account to the video and then share it across other social media channels. As more viewers click on the ads, the faster your money begins to accumulate. Therefore, it is best to research and determine what type of video may go viral and bring in regular subscribers. However, make sure you do not limit yourself as there are many things that people are interested in learning.

Sell Photographs

If you are talented with your camera, then considering selling your photographs online. One site that makes sure you get a percentage of the sales is Shutterstock, but you can even create a website where you offer downloads for a flat fee. The major work will go into taking the photographs, touching them up, and then creating a portfolio. Everything can be sold repeatedly so once it is loaded, the income becomes passive.

Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is a great way to make passive income by creating content with affiliate links. There are several companies, such as Share-A-Sale, that offer a central location for businesses to go and create affiliate packages. Bloggers can then sign up and apply at multiple businesses that they feel their readers would benefit from. However, you can go straight to a brand and ask to be an affiliate, such as Amazon, and then you can place ads or links to what works for you. The most important part is to keep the content fresh and make sure you update links as campaigns open and close. Affiliate marketing requires a bit more work, but it can add up quickly.

Sell a Product

While a lot of work, one of the best sources of passive income is to sell a product on your site. This could be an online course that you have designed, an eBook that you have written, or an application for a mobile device. Learning to code and write is the simple part. Organizing your thoughts and making something that works is a lot more work. However, the amount of passive income could be extreme. Everyone is looking to learn and if they can do it in their pajamas, they are even happier. Discover what your talents are and farm the market to see what you can provide.

Creating passive income does still take work and making sure everything is updated. With people online all over the world, time differences make earning money around the clock a possibility. You will need to develop a few skills and make sure you provide quality content in order to keep people coming back and following through with the click.

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Do you have any other tips about making passive income?

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  1. I couldn't agree more with your article. I personally believe the three best ways to earn online are drop shipping, affiliate marketing and Blogging/Youtube.

    dropshipping has been made so easy with more and more platforms like
    shopify, volusion and etc.

    as far as affiliate marketing is concerned I tried PureVPN's affiliate programme their programme is designed in a very affiliate friendly manner.

    blogging and YouTubing experiences are further flourished through monetizing techniques such as Adwords and sponsorships.

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