Vision Boards: Are They Really Necessary?

Vision Boards: Are They Really Necessary?  via

A vision board is a technique invented by psychologists to help people achieve what they want to in life. They work through helping you to visualize your goals. A simple vision board will consist of a picture of what you want to achieve and the road you may take to achieve it.

This simple concept sounds like something that isn’t necessary. That’s where you’d be wrong because studies have shown that vision boards do have profound effects.

Visualization is a Powerful Mind Technique

The first thing you should know is that visualization is an incredibly powerful mind technique. It keeps the project in your mind and ensures that you’re not going to stop working on it. In many ways, it’s a sense of guilt that keeps people going. If they spend a day not working towards that goal the vision board is staring them right in the face. It’s an overwhelming feeling that compels them to get back on track.

Inspire Yourself

One common addition to a vision board is an inspirational note or message from a friend or family member. This extra inspiration could be just what you need to get you through difficult times. Keep in mind that this is just part of it and you’ll need the help of others in-person, but a few words looking back at you can be extremely powerful.

Inspiration is usually what triggers people to achieve their goals in the first place. It makes sense that including this as a component of the ongoing process is integral to the project’s success.

Making it Your Priority

Anyone can have a goal in mind and anyone can think they want to achieve something. But holding this goal in your mind and going about it half-heartedly is never going to get you anywhere. A vision board is almost like drawing a line in the sand. It’s a message to you and others that you’re going to make this project your priority.

Such a visible object is going to encourage you to talk about your focus for the year. And that’s going to put it at the forefront of your mind.

So Why Do Some People Believe Vision Boards are Pointless?

These people tend to not understand the psychological benefits involved in the making and displaying of a vision board. It’s not a silver bullet and it’s not going to guarantee your success, but it can have a big impact on your state of mind. Vision boards can make all the difference purely because you’re telling yourself and everyone else that this is your goal and you’re going to go out of your way to achieve it.

Make a Vision Board Today

A vision board can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. The core of any vision board is a picture of your end, whether that be a savings account or a tropical vacation. Add in some inspirational messages and some of the steps you might take along the way to get there.

Display your board in a prominent place and start working your way towards your goals!

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Have you created your vision board yet?

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  1. I never made a vision board per se but I have written down goals that I would like to achieve for the year. I write them down in my planner and then again in my office on my sticky note. I am not here for the cutting out and doing a whole board but I do say have a vision for your year.

  2. I have 2, but they are more memory boards/inspiration boards. I might change 1 to be more of a vision board & keep 1 for a memory board.

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