The Girls' Christmas Wish List

The Girls' Christmas Wish List  via
Michelle's Black Coat and Tights (JCPenney), Dress (The Children's Place).  Lauren's Outfit (JCPenney)

Christmas time, a way to drain my wallet!  The older my girls get, the more they want, and more expensive the gifts they're requesting.

This year, they came to me and told me they don't believe in Santa anymore.  I guess they've been talking about the make-believe jolly ol' man in the red suit with their friends and came to the conclusion that there is no way possible that Santa can deliver gifts to every kid in the world.  Plus, their grandmother and Mr. M would drop hints that he wasn't real and I would quickly hush them up.

Well, it was fun while it lasted making threats to the girl that I would tell Santa to add them to the naughty list when they're acting up.  The girls sure would straighten themselves out.

But I will say this, the girls do know the true meaning of Christmas, just that with Santa displayed everywhere during the holiday season, I just played along with it.

And oh yeah, that Elf on the Shelf...Michelle found out I was the one moving that elf (when I remember to move it) around.  While we were at the mall looking for shoes, Michelle came across a book showing tips of where to hid the elf.  She took the book, shoved it in my face and exposed the lie of the elf.  Welp, no need to move it anymore, she sits on my fire mantle untouched and unbothered.

The Girls' Christmas Wish List  via

When it comes to purchasing gifts, when I was still working at an outside job I would buy online, have the gifts shipped to my job and wrap them there.  Before my job would go on Christmas break, I would take my wrapped gifts and take them home to hide in my clothes closet.

So it works perfectly that the girls don't believe in Santa because now they see some of the packages arriving at the house.  While they're at school, I wrap the gifts and place them under the tree.  I have to watch them like a hawk making sure they're not ripping holes in the gifts to sneak a peek.

The Girls' Christmas Wish List  via

Recently, I took the girls to ToysRus to create their Christmas Wishlist List.  Here is what they want for Christmas:


1. Bike w/Helmet

6. Purse

7. Boots


3. Bike w/Helmet

9. Boots

10. Clothes

11. FitBit 

You see y'all, these girls are expensive!

And I'm on the fence about the getting the girls a cell phone just yet; I feel they're still young.  I was thinking of getting them a cell phone once Lauren graduates 5th grade in May since they'll  be in separate schools during the fall.

So what do you think is the appropriate age for children to have a cell phone?  My girls already have tablets and glued to that, but I feel that they'll be so busy on their phones that they'll forget to enjoy and live life, their lives will quickly pass by because their heads would be too busy downwards on their phones.

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What are your thoughts?

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  1. My son still believes in Santa and he is 10 either that or he thinks I believe or his sister does and he rolls with it. I am still surprised he hasn't asked any questions. My kids are unreasonable my son wants a dog my daughter wants a house...not a doll house but a real one in the back yard that she can decorate and go to when she doesn't want to see me (her words) I got my son a drone and she got a headphones. Everything else will be clothes and something personal that will remind them that Dad is still around. My son has a cell phone and the only reason he does is because the cell bill was in my name and I can't get rid of the hubs phone because we were under contract so it was either use the phone as a business phone or let him have it. He is on a schedule with the phone. He can only get it on weekends and Wednesdays because I have to leave him at boxing to take my daughter to dance and he has to wait for 30 minutes for me to get back to him.

    1. When I was younger I had a club house in backyard and loved it. It wasn't something I could spend the night in, but I would have tea parties and have my friends come in with me. Sometimes, I had my dog in there too, LOL!

      Now the clubhouse today are like real houses, and super expensive unless you build it yourself.

      My oldest daughter is 10 and complaining that all her friends has cell phones. I received my first cell phone at 15, now all these kids are running around with phones as toddlers! Craziness! But she'll get a phone soon, just not ready for another cell phone bill, I'll probably do Boost Mobile.

      I'm happy you're doing personal gifts for your children to remind them of their dad, I know they'll love it and appreciate it.

  2. Aw, your girls and your tree look so pretty! We never really did the Santa thing in our home. My parents made sure that I knew exactly who was buying all of those presents every year and I'm the same way with my kids lol.

  3. This is a great time of the year for the girls and am glad that the Santa thing has been revealed - you guys work too hard to give credit to him after the age of 7. I can't remember when I bought the boys their cell phones but I think Malik might have been about 8 or 10. Good luck! #ProductReviewParty

  4. That's funny how she found the book about tips for placing the Elf. My kids know that Santa isn't real but they still desperately want him to be real.

  5. So true, the older your children get their gifts are more expensive. My daughter is grown and when she comes home to visit she heads straight to my bedroom to look for any of my new purchases. Cell phones are good for the girls to stay in touch with each other, especially if they are attending different schools. They can stay in touch with mommy too.

  6. Hey hon,

    I like the cell phones will allow the girls to be in touch with you or each other, if your able to set parent controls and set up limits for data and maybe when the girls come home from school have them "turn in" their phones so to speak, so they have the needed down time from them. Tree is darling and I love the Elf!

  7. We never did Santa in our house. I want my son to know that mom and dad have to work hard to be able to afford presents for him and the family. Maybe I'm just weird (which I am). At least your kids do have some toys on their list. My son only wants video games!

  8. Oh wow, no more Santa or elf moving, that makes things a bit easier. I told myself I wouldn't do the Santa thing with my boys, but thanks to school, they are on that bandwagon and I was forced to go along with it to keep them from spoiling a classmates Santa memories. I don't do the Elf on the Shelf thing though.

    Wow, what a list. When I saw cell phones I was like wow its time for those already? Around here some kids in elementary have them and my oldest wants one and he is only 7. He won't be getting one for Christmas, but I am unsure on the age as well. In my mind, I was thinking it would be teenage years before cell phones would be mentioned at all lol.

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