I Love My Daughters' Hair and They Love it Too!

I Love My Daughters' Hair and They Love it Too!  #LoveYourHair #DovePartner

Hey Yall!

Remember back in October I chaperoned Lauren's school camping trip?

During my time out in the wilderness with her 5th-grade classmates, I overheard one of her classroom buddies talking to one of her friends saying that her mother told her she has nappy hair and it's no good. Another girl she was conversating with told the girl who was discussing about what her mother said that she had good hair because she is mixed.

Lauren heard this conversation as well, and I was so disappointed that a mother would tell her daughter that. What a way to make a child feel unbeautiful.

There is a narrow depiction of what “beautiful hair” is traditionally thought to look like and earlier this year, Dove Hair found that 8 in 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way. For many, these pressures began at an early age. This could be the reason why the girl’s mother feels this way about her daughter’s hair.

I Love My Daughters' Hair and They Love it Too!  #LoveYourHair  #DovePartner

My girls and I have conversations about our hair often. I want them to love the hair God has given them. The hair that grows out of their heads makes them uniquely them.

Their hair is so versatile; my girls can wear it naturally curly, straight, puffs, ponytails, you name it!

There is no such thing as bad hair. I want my girls to be proud of the gorgeous locks they have.

I will be the one to admit when I was chemically altering my hair to make it permanently straight I didn't love my natural texture. I, too thought my hair was bad and doesn't look like what society portrays as beautiful.

When I was younger, my mom was told by my hair beautician that my hair would be better and easier to style if it was chemically straightened. She believed the stylist and went ahead with the hair treatment. I would wear my hair chemically altered for years.

It took chemical burns, hair loss, and my girls asking me why they couldn't relax their hair to realize that my hair was all right just the way it naturally is. Plus, I needed to set a better example.

I know what you're thinking, it's just hair. But to some, hair is more than just that. It makes one feel superior; it is one of the first things that people see.

Also, with the girls and I, hair brings us closer together.

Wash day for our hair is usually Sunday, and we use that time to bond together. We discuss what's going on at their school, what shows they’ve been watching, our schedules, and more. We also visit the hair salon together for a Girl’s Day Out.

I Love My Daughters' Hair and They Love it Too!  #LoveYourHair  #DovePartner

I Love My Daughters' Hair and They Love it Too!  #LoveYourHair #DovePartner

I Love My Daughters' Hair and They Love it Too!  #LoveYourHair #DovePartner

I tell my girls how much I love their hair all the time, and they say they love the fact their hair looks just like mine. This boosts my daughter's confidence levels and love who they are.

As a mother, you can make a difference and help ensure your daughter(s) grows up feeling confident. Celebrate the beauty of your daughter’s hair today–so she loves her hair tomorrow.

Dove Hair believes a positive role model can significantly impact a girl’s confidence. In fact, a recent Dove study found that 82% of girls learn to care about themselves from their mother.

Tell her why you love her hair and inspire her to do the same by sharing your #LoveYourHair selfie and tagging @Dove.

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  1. So sad to hear that these hair conversations are still taking place in 2016! Happy Holidays sis - #ProductReviewParty

  2. I love you and your daughters hair. Natural is just as beautiful as straight. I'm six months in myself even though no one would notice yet as I am wearing protective extension styles while I gain some length and all the chemicals wear out of the ends of my hair. I hope you enjoy the New Year and awesome design, loving your new blog look.

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