The Body Shop Got Me Smelling Like My Lattes!

The Body Shop Got Me Smelling Like My Lattes!  via

Hey Yall!  I hope your weekend was cheerful.  Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet, or you're like me just getting started?

I'm so behind because of moving and cleaning out the old house.  The lease is still under my name at the old house until the end of this month, so I have been slowly cleaning it up.  And no, I didn't leave the house a wreck, just that I still needed to do the required move-out stuff like vacuum clean, washing counters, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the garage, and so on.  We're like 98% done, thank goodness.  I can't wait to hand over the keys to the landlord and not look back!

But what has been good about still having access to the old house is the fact that UPS and FedEx have been still delivering my packages there.  I have been notifying companies my new address, but I guess my "Update Your Records" emails has been slipping through the cracks.

The minute I go to the old house and see a package sitting on the porch, I call the number on the package immediately and request the company to update my address right away.

I wonder, do UPS and FedEx do change of address like the postal service does?  Better yet, I need to just open up a P.O. Box, so I wouldn't be going through this, especially since my blog is my business.  I'll be looking into this for my goals of 2017.

Great thing I didn't miss this package, I would be so upset!  I wouldn't want my old landlord's grubby hands on my packages, knowing him he wouldn't let me know and keep it for himself to give to his wife.

The Body Shop sent me a holiday care package filled with body care products.  Remember I told you, I love receiving gift sets for Christmas, so receiving this package made we throw up my hands and yell out "YES!"

The Body Shop Got Me Smelling Like My Lattes!  via

What's in my package:

Vanilla Chai Treat Box

Vanilla Chai Foaming Bath (Sold Out)

Vanilla Chai Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub

Vanilla Chai Body Butter

Butter Bauble Strawberry

Down to Earth Eye Palette

Reggie JNR. Sponge 

And it's like The Body Shop knew what scent I like to wear during the winter months, warm vanilla musk.  The Vanilla Chai fragrance is so divine, earthy, cozy, makes me want to cuddle up on the couch in my snuggie while sipping on my favorite drink, chai tea latte.  That's how The Body Shop's Vanilla Chai smell like, like my lattes with scent lasting all day!

If you're looking for gift sets this holiday season, look no further than The Body Shop for 120 plus specially-selected gifts that make you (and those you love) look and feel good.

In celebration of The Body Shop's 40th anniversary and dedication to campaigning against animal testing, they are offering more than 120 gift sets that give back by helping to restore the rainforest and protect endangered animals with every purchase.  From festive Advent Calendars to classic bath and body sets, each gift set will help you and those on your holiday lists do good, feel good, and look good.

Disclosure:  I was provided these products free, all opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I haven't shopped The Body Shop before but since Chai is my fav I'm interested! I normally go to Bath and Body Works.

    1. I love Bath and Body Works too. But with The Body Shop, they don't have all the harsh chemicals. I wish there was a Body Shop near me, I would go there more than I do Bath and Body Works.

  2. What a great care package, I be the Chai products smell divine! I'm happy to see that The Body Shop is still Cruelty Free, sadly so many companies that used to be are not anymore! :( and after hearing about your ex-landlord, sadly your probably right! grrr, I'm glad your able to take your time a bit and still get your packages as well when you're there. Since we have PCS-d so often for the Army, I use My-UPS and Fedex account, so I not only know when a package will deliver, but where and if you pay a small fee or subscription you can even change where they are being sent all together. I believe they will hold a package at your local UPS or Fedex location, they used to, I just haven't used that option in a few years, but it was free. Hope you and the family are lovin the your new place, take care hon ;)

    1. Hey Missy! Yeah, it sad that so many companies are not cruelty free. When I read that The Body Shop is, made me love them even more!

      Thanks for that information about UPS and FedEx, I didn't know about having accounts with them, well my old job have a account with UPS but I never thought about opening one myself. Thanks for the tips!

      Yes, we're loving our new place! I'll share a blog post about it soon when I'm close to finishing decorating it.

      Have a wonderful weekend and holiday!

    2. Oh you too hon, you and the family have a Blessed and Merry Christmas

  3. I am such a fan of the body shop! They have a chocolate line that I used during Valentine's and it smelled amazing. I bet Vanilla Chai smells soo good!

  4. My sons and hubby are Muslims so we don't celebrate gift giving for Christmas, plus all my guys need is money for gas - lol! #ProductReviewParty

  5. I like gift sets too. It's always nice to get to try something new.

  6. I love the Body Shop because of its many wonderful scents. Thank you for sharing, I might go to the Body Shop tomorrow.

  7. I want all of those things! I love the smell of coffee and I would love using coffee smelling body wash. I think I may have a coupon... #ProductReviewParty

  8. That is some amazing stuff. I don't think I have ever shopped with The Body Shop though, but when I go to the mall to get my extra last minute gifts I am definitely going to pop in and see what they are about.

  9. The smell of coffee is a wonderful thing!

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