Affordable Holiday Makeup Look with Hard Candy

Affordable Holiday Makeup Look with Hard Candy  via

Hey Yall!

I don't know about you, but I love receiving and buying makeup gift sets, especially during the holiday season.

So many beautiful colors during the winter months, sure to give my face a highlighting glow.

Affordable Holiday Makeup Look with Hard Candy  via

When it comes to makeup to cover up my dark spots, I spend my money on department store foundations. However, when it comes to eye shadows and blushes, I like to save a dollar or two on makeup at places like Walmart, Target, and drug stores.

There have been debates if makeup in drugstores is just as good or even better than brands at department stores.

I feel that yes, you don't have to spend all your coins on makeup at department stores.  Lower priced makeup can be good too.

Affordable Holiday Makeup Look with Hard Candy  via

Like take for instance, Hard Candy, which can be found only at Walmart.  I love their color palettes and contour/scuplting kits.  The colors are bold and radiant, plus blends in well with a flawless finished.  It's like my makeup looked like it was professionally done.

Affordable Holiday Makeup Look with Hard Candy  via

And on top of that, Hard Candy prices is fantastic!  You can find Hard Candy makeup products for $20.00 or below.  Perfect if you're on a budget, yet wanting to look like a million bucks.

Affordable Holiday Makeup Look with Hard Candy  via

Check out these Hard Candy Face Collection kits I received:

1. Hard Candy Luminizing & Strobing $9.88- Set Includes: Highlighting Duo Stick, Ultra Light Primer, Face & Body Luminizer, Sponge & Brush Cleaner, and Contour Sponge.

This kit works fantastic if you're a newbie at applying makeup, it shows you step by step on how to use it.  Kit has my face glowing, especially in natural light.

2. Hard Candy Smoky Look Kit $4.88- Set Includes: Baked Bronzer, Liquid Eyeliner, Glitter Mascara, Eyeshadow Palette, Applicator Brush.

I had an exciting time with this kit.  Colors are bold, glittery, works perfect for the holiday season.  I see me using this often for Christmas parties this year.

Affordable Holiday Makeup Look with Hard Candy  via

So, in total for both of these kits is $14.76.  And like I said, no need to spend hundreds of dollars to get beautified.

Give this as a gift, or purchased this for yourself.  Everyone would enjoy receiving Hard Candy beauty products.

Disclosure:  I was given these makeup kits free, all opinions are my own.


What do you think of my affordable holiday makeup look with Hard Candy?

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  1. You really look great! I haven't tried Hard Candy yet, but I agree some make in drug stores can be just as good or better than dept. stores.

  2. So pretty! I love the glitter liner ❤️ Looks like these kits could make nice gifts any time of the year! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love getting these makeup kits - after the holidays when the prices are dirt cheap!!! Looking beautiful my dear. #ProductReviewParty

  4. These kits look great and could make nice gifts. I haven't tried Hard Candy yet, but they sure seem to have pretty colors! Looking lovely hon!


  5. You look beautiful. I really enjoyed this post. It gave me a great idea about finding a new affordable holiday look for less. I've heard about Hard Candy and seen it in Wal-mart but never thought about purchasing any of it until now.

  6. I usually buy all my makeup at Walmart, but I typically stick to the brands that I have been using for years so I never even heard of Hard Candy. Those kits look really cool. I know I would definitely love to try those out and it would also make a great gift - for me!

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