Stress and Blemishes: An Ugly Combination

Stress and Blemishes: An Ugly Combination   via

Hey Yall!  Remember I told you recently that my hair stylist recommended me to use tea tree hair products to help combat my dry scalp?

My scalp has been healing quite nicely, and I do not see whites flakes unless my hair is dirty!  WOOT!  Success!

Tea Tree oils do wonders not only for scalps but the skin as well.

Now, I'm facing a new problem......

Once again, I've been going through some stress lately.  If you haven't heard the news, I'm in the process of buying a house!  YEA!  However, it has been a stressful venture.  From trying to find a home I like, back and forth with my lender, dealing with the builder, and now my home loan is in underwriting, so it's a waiting game at this point.  I hate wondering if my loan is approved or not, I wish I could get my answer in a matter of seconds.  Please bring good vibes my way y'all!

On top of home buying, my scummy landlord just hit me up wondering if I'm renewing my lease.  Ummm....hell to the naw naw naw!!!!!!!  But I didn't tell him that because he shouldn't be asking me this question yet anyway.  Per my lease, I have to give him a 60-day notice that I'm vacating his property the last day of December.  He is contacting me way far in advance, trying to have me sign a 2017 year lease this week.  No buddy!  Trust me; he'll get that notice I'm moving out soon enough!  He better stop all the rushing!!  Shoot!


So yeah, my stress levels are through the roof right now, and it's clearly showing with my skin, I'm breaking out in ugly blemishes!   Just when I had my skin under control after my Carribean trip, this happens.

I'm tellin' ya; blemishes sure can damper your day.

I thought, you know what?  Tea Tree helped rescued my scalp; it should help with these yucky pimples and imperfections on my face too.

In comes The Body Shop Tea Tree to the Rescue!  The new clear skin superheroes are ready to battle out these pesky blemishes!  I'm ready for them!

Stress and Blemishes: An Ugly Combination   via

Meet the blemish battling brigade:

1. Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask $22-  I like to use this as a scrub and mask for my face.  It's gritty texture scrubbed off the dirt and layers of dead skin revealing soft, touchable smooth skin.  And, to my surprise, my skin wasn't ashy and dry afterward.  The smell, of course, is tea tree, but not too overpowering that it'll make your whole room smell like tea tree.

2. Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution $22- When I first tried this Tea Tree Oil, instantly I noticed a difference.  My face appeared so much healthier and felt younger.  According to the package after 1st use skin will feel purified, soothed, and look oil-free.  After 7 days, the overall appearance of skin is improved.  Skin looks clearer, smoother and healthier, with no pore-clogging effect.  After 4 weeks, the number of imperfections (tone, texture, and oiliness) looks visibly reduced.  Skin appears mattified.  When using this oil after the 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask, your skin will thank you, trust me!  Mine did!  A match made in heaven!

3. Cult-Classic Tea Tree Oil $18- Now, this stuff right here will have your whole house smelling like you've been burning tea tree incenses for days.  This oil is some potent stuff, and very little goes a long way.  Target areas that need particular attention when using this oil.  Also, use it more than just your face, like arms, legs, and nails.  Even put a few drops in any of your beauty products and shampoos and conditioners.

Each product is made with 100% organic Community Trade Tea Tree Oil from Kenya.

Thank you The Body Shop for helping me fight back my blemishes.  I don't see them returning anytime soon.   And my makeup is looking flawless as ever since my skin is healthier underneath!!!

But, can you create a product that will make my landlord disappear?  I would really appreciate that!

Products were provided to me compliments of The Body Shop.  All opinions are my own.
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  1. Claim it!!! The home is yours!!!

  2. Wishing you all the luck with your new home Lou. And as for Tea Tree oil. Oh it is a miracle potion I feel. Has worked wonders for me. Especially the one from The Body Shop.
    A great review once again. I am sharing this with the homeschooling moms of the Logic Roots network. They are sure going to love it.

    1. Hey Aditi! Thanks so much!

      Tea Tree oil sure is a miracle in a bottle.

  3. Congrats on buying a house! That is so exciting!
    My oldest daughter puts Tea Tree oil in her shampoo and she loves the results!

  4. You will get the house! Sorry to read about the breakouts but stress is no joke - try to remain calm and only stress about things you cannot change or do anything about - let everything else go!

  5. We have similar skin issues. I have also been using Tea Tree Oil on my scalp and have been really happy with the results. I had not thought to try those types of products on my face though. If it works for you, I may have to try it as well. Good luck with the house - you got this!

  6. I've heard of benefits and success stories of tea tree oil.Once I used a tea tree oil cleanser and it was great.And all the best with your new home buying process!Hope to hear the good news soon!!

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