Happy 33rd Birthday to Me!

Happy 33rd Birthday to Me!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Hey Yall!  Today is my birthday!  Yay!

No photoshoot this year since I didn't have the time with all the stuff that's going on in my life.  But, I managed to squeeze in a kidless birthday trip to Puerto Rico!!!!!  I'm there now as you read this post having a ball!  I feel like I'm on a 2nd honeymoon since I just came back from a glorious trip to the Virgin Islands last month.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see what type of birthday shenanigans I'll get into.  Promise, I won't get too turnt up!  LOL!

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes!  Love you all!

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  1. So cool Lou. Have a wonderful time celebrating. God bless you always. I love celebrations too, so live, laugh and love.
    You picked an awesome location!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!Have a great time!

  3. Happy Birthday darlin! Much love

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