XFINITY + DreamWorks – The Future of Entertainment

XFINITY + DreamWorks – The Future of Entertainment  via
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Hey Yall!  I hope you're having a great week so far!  What have you been up to?  Anything new and exciting?

I have some exciting news that I recently found out.  Over a week ago, Comcast purchased DreamWorks Animation, creators of popular movies like How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek, and one of my favorites Kung Fu Panda.  Remember I recently interviewed Kate Hudson that starred in the latest Kung Fu Panda movie?

So what does this mean to me for the future of entertainment?  More family friendly content on tv that the girls and I can enjoy together.  As far as technology goes, the partnership between Comcast and another like-minded company shows their commitment to the best in animation and entertainment for the whole family.

XFINITY/Comcast believes in thinking towards the future and making advancements for its customers.  That's why I love using their services, they keep up with the latest technologies, and have a bunch of awesome content available to their customers.

What are your thoughts about Comcast purchasing DreamWorks?  Do you think this is a game changer?




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  1. Hey darlin, wow this is a huge game changer! Wonder if a "DreamWorks" channel is in the works?

  2. Is this for movies? I don't watch much TV but I love movies. Sounds awesome though!

  3. I think this is pretty cool. I'm all for having more family things to watch because TV is just getting crazy right now.

  4. This sounds interesting!Great move in entertainment!

  5. When the boys were young, Shrek was one of their favorite movies. Now of course, they are too old to watch these movies or even be in the same room as me when they are watching tv - lol #ProductReviewParty

  6. I love Dreamworks movies. I'm a huge fan of Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon. Sounds like a good deal for them.

  7. I live out in the country so we have DirecTV. I don't think this we can even get XFINITY/Comcast out here.

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