Keeping My Girls Entertained with XFINITY: Kid Tested and Approved #ad

Keeping My Girls Entertained with XFINITY: Kid Tested and Approved   #ad via
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Keeping the kids entertained is a big priority – When we got back from our spring break trip in Orlando, there were times when we had some down-time at home, so the girls would plop in front of the tv to watch their favorite shows.  It’s important for me to ensure they’re watching the right things!  So much bad stuff for kids on tv now-a-days.

With the X1 operating system from XFINITY, you’ll have tons of kid-friendly features that Google Fiber doesn’t offer, including Kids Zone, Playlists and even some fun Easter Eggs from the Voice Remote that your kids will love!

  • Kids Zone is a special section of X1 designed totally for kids. It’s got all their favorite TV shows, but it doesn’t stop there – Kids Zone includes movies, TV shows, your DVRed recordings and even On Demand choices. It gives your kids the options to be independent and watch what they want while disabling certain features like channel up/down and the ability to purchase or rent programming so they don’t stumble across inappropriate programming. The fun interface, designed with kids in mind, is something Google Fiber doesn’t offer.

  • With the Voice Remote from XFINITY, your kids can spend countless hours of fun trying out their favorite movie quotes and finding their shows by topic. The most recent update allows you to speak into the remote with phrases from the popular Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go!

  • One of my personal favorites? Minionese! Try out “banana” or “kudos!” next time your kids are using the remote  - too fun!

  • The Voice Remote is only available from XFINITY – Google Fiber can’t put your shows in front of you just by speaking!

I had a lot of work to do towards the end of our staycation.  I had no time for the girls telling me, “I’m bored, let's go somewhere.”  Thanks goodness for XFINITY X1 operating system keeping the girls entertained, and me not losing my insanity!  LOL!

Keeping My Girls Entertained with XFINITY: Kid Tested and Approved  #ad  via

Good news Atlanta families, XFINITY is available for us now, for more details about XFINITY X1 system for kids, check it out here.

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  1. Sometimes it is difficult to find kids friendly tv programs.This sounds great for kids.

  2. Boy, cable has come a long way with all of the things you can do with it. We don't have cable but this sounds cool!

  3. So glad that Sesame Street is still one, sometimes I wish I could veg in front of the TV and watch cartoons #missingchildhood #ProductReviewParty

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