Products You Can Get that are Pantone Colors 2016

Products You Can Get that are Pantone Colors 2016   via
Pantone Colors with Ikea 2016.   Post contains Amazon affiliate links.

The pantone colors are a representation of the styles, trends, and fashions of 2016. You can be at the height of style by incorporating these pantone colors into your lifestyle. Whether you are wearing them or whether you are putting them on your face, or redecorating your home, these products will help you rock the pantone colors of 2016.

What are the Pantone Colors?

The Pantone colors are an attempt to define the best colors of the coming year. They are not just an attempt for companies to invent a new marketing campaign. You will see these colors reflected in the fashions and the makeups produced by all the big names.

This year you will spot pink colors and baby blues. Incorporate them into your New Year wardrobes. Get a head start on the fashions of the year!

  1. Sephora Colorful Wink-It Felt Liner Waterproof

In baby blue, this liquid eyeliner will help you intensify your makeup, even with the lightest shades. These will help your eyes to look intense and exciting. When your significant other or crush looks into your eyes, they will not be able to tear themselves away.

To compliment your new eyes, you need to have blue in your nails as well. Deborah Lippmann describes it as similar to a sky in the midst of a sunlit afternoon. If you are looking for a way to remove the winter blues, this nail color is the way to do it.

You are bound to turn some heads with this!

What I love about this Thomas Pink Shirt is the fact that it’s so silky smooth against your skin. It comes in baby blue, but you can also find it in other shades. It can go with anything, including a long skirt or a pair of skinny jeans.

  1. Dooney & Burke Bag

The Dooney & Burke leather bag is the perfect handbag to give yourself some extra storage space when out and about. There are many compartments inside for holding everything from makeup to your more feminine items.

At over $500, this is a big purchase, however, it’s also a bag done in the highest quality materials, so it’s going to be a big item in your wardrobe for years to come.

  1. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Paimpol

The chubby lipstick is quite oily and can be hard to get off at the end of a hard night. This lipstick is as simple to use as any bigger lipsticks, so you won’t have any problems applying it.

Many experts have defined it as easy to use as Crayola. The paimpol color is calm and peaceful, so it’s not too flashy and it will help you to pull off a cool and casual look.

These five products, including Ikea are my number one picks for the New Year. I recommend making your purchases now in order to save money on all your purchases in the long-term. It’s why people start buying months in advance.

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  1. Hi Lou...these are some wonderful colors. Pink and green happens to be my favorite colors. I love all items you have introduced here as a matter of fact, I'll be ordering the lip pencil and nail color today....thanks for continuing to show up great stuff!

    1. I knew you would like the pink and green! ;-)

      You're welcome! I always love showcasing great products that I know my readers will enjoy.

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I love the Blue Orchid Nail Color!

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